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Four Benefits of a Master’s in Public Health

In these unprecedented times we are living in – with COVID-19 spreading rapidly around the world – there has arguably never been a time where countries, economies, industries and communities have been impacted more. This global pandemic has been declared a public health emergency, utilizing a plethora of resources to combat the virus on global, national and local levels. The current events we are facing speak volumes of the importance of trained public health professionals in the field. Now more than ever there is a need for experienced and educated workers to help navigate this unknown territory that we are all facing together.

If you are in the field of public health and have been wanting to take your career to the next level, to help with present and future obstacles that we are and will face, then now is the time to pursue an advanced Public Health degree. There are several benefits of a Master’s in Public Health, which we detail below.

  1. Expanded public health knowledge and skills:
    If the Coronavirus teaches us anything, it is that knowledge is power. Now is not a time to panic, but rather, a time to be cautious and follow the guidelines put forth by our public health professionals. One of the benefits of an MPH degree is that you will obtain the education and experience necessary to provide communities with the facts and tools they need to stay healthy and safe. MPH curriculums are designed to equip students with the knowledge they need to face whatever Public health issues or emergencies arise. For example, Goodwin University’s Master in Public Health program has courses that focus on complex subjects like biostatistics, epidemiology, and resource management.
  1. Increased career opportunities and outlook:
    The knowledge and skills learned within your MPH courses are what give you the edge to stand out for career advancement in the field. The benefits that a Master’s in Public Health degree could have on your career are extremely positive. Students who earn their MPH degree are qualified for more advanced positions like a Biostatician, Disaster and Emergency Specialist, Epidemiologist, and Public Health Director, all of which will allow you to take on additional responsibilities and gain more decision-making power. Beyond the increased decision-making capabilities that many of these positions come with, they also come with increased salaries which is yet another benefit of an MPH degree.
  1. Master’s of Public Health program flexibility:
    Another one of the many benefits of a Master’s in Public Health is that many of today’s programs are offered online. This flexibility allows you to pursue your degree without worrying about fighting traffic to get to class, and gives you the autonomy to complete coursework on your own schedule. Not only is this online program format ideal for working professionals, but it also gives you the flexibility to travel around the world while taking your MPH classes. All you need is a computer and Wi-Fi connection to do assignments.
  1. The opportunity to make a greater impact:
    Perhaps the most morally-significant benefits of an MPH degree is the opportunity to make a valuable and positive difference in peoples’ lives. Public health professionals have the ability to influence people, communities, and populations. Regardless of where you live in the world, public health issues affect us all. Being able to have a hand in combating these issues for the benefit of society is a great responsibility and great honor.

Today’s current events have shown us the importance of not waiting and taking proactive action. So what are you waiting for? There are so many benefits of a Master’s of Public Health and earning your degree will help take your career to new heights and expand the impact you are making in the community. Contact Goodwin University today to learn more about our online Master’s in Public Health program, and how it can benefit your future in the field. In time, you will be well-prepared to help handle, combat, and overcome public health issues – such as today’s Coronavirus and whatever comes our way tomorrow. Call 800-889-3282 or visit us online for more information.