master’s in population health nursing

Top Outcomes of a Master’s in Community Health Nursing

Why did you decide to become a nurse? Chances are, you wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. Nursing is one of the greatest (and most rewarding) careers for those who want to make a positive impact with the work they do. Every day, you are given the chance to help others – individuals, families, organizations, communities, even populations.

Nursing is also a great career because there is always room to grow, advance, and expand within the field. In nursing, you have the option to pursue leadership roles, explore new specializations, and develop your career and skillsets. Upward mobility in nursing usually comes with an ancillary willingness to learn, which is why a graduate nursing degree often becomes a consideration for nurses seeking advancement. If you are hoping to grow into a more leadership or population-oriented nursing career, a Master’s in Community Health Nursing can provide you with a major return on your educational investment. Here’s why.

Earning a Master’s in Community Health Nursing will open up many doors for your nursing career by providing you with the information and skills needed to thrive in the healthcare industry. Goodwin College’s MSN degree is population health focused, with a curriculum specifically designed to provide students with the knowledge they need to elevate their careers beyond the usual registered nursing role: to lead organizations, demographics, communities, and populations towards better health.

Right now you may be wondering how a Master’s in Community Health Nursing differs from your typical graduate nursing degree. To put it simply, this specialized degree is a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, but with an emphasis on community and public health. With that narrowed focus, a Master’s in Community Health Nursing can lead to a range of different career outcomes, including those that involve working directly with patients, and those that involve creating larger healthcare programs for patient populations – increasing lifespan, improving preventive care, expanding access to quality care, and more.

What are some of these specific educational outcomes that an MSN student at Goodwin College will experience? The curriculum kicks off with courses in advanced nursing practice, including the core areas of Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Physical Assessment. As students move through the program, the coursework narrows focus on population health. Students dive into healthcare-related policies and political implications in courses like “Policy, Politics, and Organization of Healthcare,” exploring the foundations of policy development, political engagement, and advocacy within the healthcare systems. They also learn about the theoretical foundations and clinical applications of population health.

Furthermore, students enrolled in Goodwin’s MSN program will take courses aimed to sharpen their managerial and communication skills as a nurse and a leader in the healthcare industry. Through courses like “Leadership Practices in Organizational Communications,” graduates feel empowered to take advantage of all accessible resources and make an impact in the current and future healthcare system.

Beyond the knowledge and skills that a Master’s in Community Health Nursing degree can offer, it also provides a variety of different career paths for progressing nurses. Nurses with a population health focused MSN, for example, are more qualified for advanced leadership positions in the greater nursing and healthcare field. Nurse management, for example, is a great position for those nurses who wish to take control of their department and lead staff to be more efficient team members. Nurse managers oversee the nursing staff to make sure they are providing the highest quality of patient care. Some of their responsibilities include patient care planning, specialist coordination, and resource management for their departments.

Other advanced positions that MSN graduates can pursue are a nurse administrator, a nurse educator, and a clinical nurse leader. But this is just the beginning. With an MSN in Community Health, you will be prepared to address the needs of today’s diverse populations fully, and to confidently lead communities towards optimal health in any role you pursue. Goodwin College also offers a lifetime of career services support to all MSN students and graduates, to make the job search process easier and less stressful.

A Master’s in Community Health Nursing is a great fit for registered nurses who would like to earn professional qualification and open their doors to future career opportunities. In this type of program, you can expect to grow your nursing skillsets, your knowledge of the greater healthcare system, and your level of advocacy for all patients and populations. You will also hone skills in communication and careful, creative, and ethical decision-making.

If you are looking to make a greater impact in the lives of others, then a Master’s in Community Health Nursing could be your next step. Let Goodwin College’s MSN program get you to where you want to go. Contact Goodwin College today by calling 800-889-3282 or visiting us online.