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Master’s in Business Leadership Program Information

What’s something that an entrepreneur, a medical services manager, and a high school principal all have in common? While it might not be evident at first glance, all three leadership careers take a business approach to their work, which is why a master’s in business leadership is a commonly shared achievement behind such different titles. Aspiring leaders choose a business leadership program for many reasons, but most of all, because they understand it will help them be successful in their chosen career path.

What is a Master’s in Business Leadership Program?

Master’s in business leadership programs are designed to provide motivated professionals, career-changers, or up-and-coming entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills for career building and advancement. A business leadership program is committed to strengthening students’ communication skills, talent and performance management capabilities, and strategic planning abilities.

What are the Different Types of Master’s in Business Leadership Programs?

There are many types of master’s in business leadership programs. Their titles hint at what makes each program unique from the others, but you probably need a little more detail to understand their differences. Here are some popular examples of master’s degrees in business leadership:

  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) – This traditional business master’s degree was created by Harvard Business School more than a century ago. Today, people who want to gain employee management skills and climb the corporate ladder often gravitate to the MBA.
  • Master’s in Management (MiM) – This degree is most common in Europe and prepares future executives for international business relations. Project and people management lessons are equally valued.
  • Master’s in Business Leadership (MBL) – The MBL is oriented towards individuals interested in developing workplace culture and promoting visionary leadership.
  • Master of Science in Organizational Management (MSOL) – Business leadership is complicated and multi-faceted. MSOL students learn how to obtain and retain talent, build an ethical workplace, encourage innovative problem-solving, and become strategic and competitive thinkers.

There are also specialized master’s in business leadership programs, such as the Master of Marketing, Master of Information Technology, Master of Accounting, or Master of Supply Chain Management. Naturally, these types of degrees funnel graduates into a particular role at a business or organization. Students may choose degree programs such as these because they possess a specific area of interest, talent, or experience.

To find the best business leadership program for you, consider your short-term and long-term career goals, as well as your personal goals. Some sectors may be better suited to a particular type of business leadership degree. For example, MBA holders often work in finance and consulting, while MSOL graduates are more likely to find jobs leading companies or departments. One thing all master’s in business leadership programs help graduates do is to grow in their careers and make more money.

What Types of Classes Will One Take in Business Leadership?

In a leadership master’s program, the curriculum includes titles like: Leading Organizational Change, Leadership Practices in Organizational Communities, Sustainability of Innovation and Strategic Advantage, and Talent and Performance Management. In each class, students learn advanced leadership techniques and strategies that increase their value as a leader in the workplace.

What is Required to Apply to a Business Leadership Program?

Program requirements vary by institution, however, a bachelor’s degree is typically required for entry into a master’s program. Business leadership programs like Goodwin University’s MSOL degree may also require a high school diploma or GED, a collegiate GPA that reflects academic aptitude (at least a 3.0), a personal letter, and two letters of recommendation.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Master’s in Business Leadership or MSOL?

Usually, it takes about two years to complete a master’s degree in business leadership. However, this can vary depending on the format of the program.

Some programs are offered in an on-campus setting, while others may provide hybrid or online options. Many adult students benefit most from hybrid or online learning because these programs give students increased flexibility. Goodwin University’s MSOL empowers students with options that fit their lifestyle. Students can choose to study completely online, or they may combine classroom and remote learning. No matter their choice, they can graduate after just 20 months of part-time study!

What are the Career Outcomes of a Master’s in Leadership Program?

The MSOL degree program is applicable to many industries, which allows graduates to be competitive applicants in settings as diverse as corporate and nonprofit. Besides these settings, MSOL graduates might work in education, manufacturing, or for the state or federal government. No matter the environment, MSOL business leaders can anticipate that their master’s degree will have these on-the-job benefits:

  • Collect data more effectively.
  • Increase performance and productivity in the workplace.
  • Hire with a more successful retention rate.
  • Make employees feel more fulfilled through motivation techniques.
  • Communicate with more passion and command more attention.
  • Make smart decisions for your organization.
  • Become a trusted voice and increase your value amongst peers.

There is no time like the present to grow in your career! To learn more about Goodwin University’s MSOL program, contact us today at 800-889-3282, or visit us online to request more information, view testimonials, and learn about how you can make the best change possible in your professional life.