Manufacturing Salary Potential in Connecticut and Nationwide

When many people think of manufacturing, they think of the old days of dangerous machinery and dark factory settings. They may think that manufacturing is not a stable career choice or, at least, not one where you can advance in your title or pay potential. However, these assumptions could not be farther from the truth. The manufacturing industry has some of the most promising, high-tech, and high-paying career opportunities out there today. In fact, the average, modern manufacturing salary might exceed your expectations.

According to the latest 2021 Connecticut Manufacturing Report, manufacturing workers in Connecticut earn an average of $100,662 annually. Across the state, these workers combined earn over $15 billion in their compensation. This is not surprising, as the manufacturing industry made up about 10% of Connecticut’s entire workforce, and almost $30 billion of the state’s GDP last year.

This is just the beginning. Amidst a pandemic in which employers of all industries are struggling to keep employees, many manufacturers are offering big benefits to incoming and current workers. In fact, among Connecticut manufacturers, the highest priority investment in 2020 was employee retention initiatives, including enhancing and introducing new employee benefits.

Nationally, the average manufacturing salary falls around $57,000 annually across all manufacturing occupations. However, the potential to earn a higher salary is substantial. And the potential to start at a high salary also exists – According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Starting salaries for some recent college graduates are higher in the manufacturing industry than in other industries.”

Below, we detail some of the manufacturing salaries you can expect nationwide and in Connecticut. This guide is designed to help you see the promise of the manufacturing industry, as well as guide you in making the best career choice to align with your goals and needs. Stable, well-paying manufacturing jobs are out there for you!

Promising Manufacturing Salaries

CNC Machinist/Tool and Die Worker Salary

  • National Salary: $54,760 annually
  • Connecticut Salary: $67,770 annually

CNC machinists are responsible for operating high-tech, computer-numerically controlled equipment. On average in the United States, machine operators earn $45,840 per year. However, CNC machinists have the potential to earn even higher. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tool and die makers – who are trained to operate CNC machines and write CNC programs – earn an average salary of $54,760 annually. Notably, Connecticut is the top-paying state for CNC machinists and tool and die makers, according to the BLS. In 2020, these CNC professionals earned an average salary of $67,770 per year in Connecticut.

To become a CNC machinist and earn this level of pay, it is recommended you earn a certificate or associate degree in CNC machining. This will position you for high earning potential as a CNC machinist.

Industrial Production Manager Salary

  • National Salary: $108,790
  • Connecticut Salary: $135,530

Industrial production managers oversee the daily operations of manufacturing. Due to this level of responsibility, they can expect high salary potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, industrial production managers make an average salary of $108,790 annually. In Connecticut, you can expect to make even more. Industrial production managers in Connecticut make an average annual salary of $135,530 per year.

With the high earning potential that comes with a management position, you will be expected to make an investment in your education. Industrial production managers today require a bachelor’s degree in a related field – such as a manufacturing management degree – in order to land a position.

Logistician Salary

  • National Salary: $76,270
  • Connecticut Salary: $76,760

A logistician is an important component of manufacturing, in that these professionals analyze and coordinate the supply chain of companies. Due to the advanced nature of their role, logisticians earn a high salary of $76,270 annually, on average, across the United States. In Connecticut, logisticians can expect to earn similar to the average national salary.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most logisticians are expected to have a bachelor’s degree. However, an associate degree or postsecondary certificate may be appropriate for some logistician jobs.

Welder Salary

  • National Salary: $44,190
  • Connecticut Salary: $52,570

Welders have a very creative, hands-on job that is essential to manufacturing. The welder salary can vary depending on job experience, however, even starting salaries are comfortable for entry-level workers. In the United States, the average welder salary is $44,190 per year. In Connecticut, you have the potential to earn $52,570 annually as a welder.

Becoming a welder can be achieved in a matter of months. While there are no formal education requirements, it’s recommended that aspiring welders pursue postsecondary training and certification in the field. At Goodwin University, welding students can complete their certificate in as few as 8 months.

Quality Control Inspector Salary

  • National Salary: $108,790
  • Connecticut Salary: $135,530

A quality control inspector has the exciting job of ensuring products are ready to be used or sold outside of the manufacturing plant. Quality control inspectors examine products and materials to ensure they meet the specifications and standards intended. On average in the United States, quality control inspectors earn an annual salary of $40,460 per year. In Connecticut, the annual wage of quality control inspectors jumps to $54,380, on average across the state.

To become a quality control inspector or enter the general field of quality assurance, it’s recommended that you obtain training and education in the tactics required for the job. At Goodwin, aspiring quality inspectors and managers can pursue an associate degree in quality management systems.

Start Learning and Start Earning Quickly

In Connecticut, it’s clear the manufacturing salary potential is high. The manufacturing industry is core to the state’s profitability and, in turn, manufacturing workers are highly valued across Connecticut.

Goodwin University’s manufacturing training programs, located in Connecticut, can prepare you for an industry driven by technology, innovation, and creativity. Our manufacturing and machining school is designed for anyone just starting out or already working in the field, who is ready to pave the way towards higher salary potential. Many of our manufacturing programs can be completed in a matter of months. Or, you can position yourself for some of the highest-paying manufacturing careers with a bachelor’s in manufacturing management degree. The choice is yours. How will you get started?

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