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Yesenia Otero: “Women are capable of having physical jobs, too; they’re not just for men.”

Yesenia Otero enrolled in Goodwin College’s bachelor’s Manufacturing Management Degree program because she enjoys working with her hands and believes that this field will offer her career stability.

“Manufacturing is a strong career,” she stated. “The field is growing and jobs are available.”

Otero attended art school in Georgia, but decided to leave the program. “School was on the back burner until I realized the importance of having an education.”

After eight years away, she moved back to Connecticut, still without a clear career path in mind.

As a part-time youth advocate, Otero works with young people who have had traumatic upbringings. “We teach them life skills so they can advance, go to school, get a job, and ultimately become independent and successful.”

She has also had part-time jobs in warehouse type environments. “I like to help people, and I also like to fix things and use my hands.”

After doing a good amount of research, she decided on manufacturing as a future path, pointing out that this field is crucial for a variety of reasons. “Manufacturing is something we need,” she noted. “Manufacturers are responsible for things that people may not be aware of — cars, petroleum, food, medical supplies, and so much more.”

Companies need quality employees to produce these products in a timely, efficient fashion. “Goodwin is preparing me for a position in this field by making so much accessible to me.”

Not only is Otero able to learn and practice on state-of-the-art equipment in a new facility on campus, but she also has considerable support from Goodwin’s Career Services office. “The Career Services team is available to us even after we graduate,” Otero stated. “Knowing that I can come back and get support is reassuring.”

As for being a woman in a male-dominated industry, Otero doesn’t feel out of place. “Machinery can make women feel like they don’t fit in, but women are capable of having physical jobs, too; they’re not just for men.”