reggio magnet school in Hartford county

Riverside Magnet School: “There has been a lot of buzz about the school.”

A Riverside Magnet School mother sought out the Riverside Magnet School at Goodwin College (formerly the Goodwin College Early Childhood Magnet School) for her son based on its reputation. “I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback through word-of-mouth,” she noted. “There has been a lot of buzz about the school.”

She attended many workshops on the Reggio Emilia concept of learning, an enriching exploratory approach to education based on the interests of children. “I became a total fan of that philosophy.”

She was also searching for a school that was diverse. “The learning atmosphere is enhanced greatly by diversity,” she said. “Having students and teachers from all areas of the state and of many different ethnicities, races, and backgrounds gives the students a depiction of the real world.”

She believes that the interactive, visual, hands-on learning has enriched her son in many ways. “My son has blossomed since coming to school,” she said. “Everyone is so welcoming and I feel a sense of ease and comfort when I drop him off because I know he’s in good hands.”

She appreciates the energy of the community. “They offer nature walks, art night, music night, and much more,” she said. “It’s a family atmosphere and a safe haven for our children.”

Not only is her son learning in school, but she feels that she is developing her parenting skills and becoming a better mother. “They encourage me to release him and let him do things on his own so he can gain a sense of independence.”

As a self-proclaimed “parent promoter,” she couldn’t be happier with how her son is treated at the Riverside Magnet School and how much he is gaining from being there.

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