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Riverside Elementary Magnet School at Goodwin College

An Early Childhood Magnet School mother was initially attracted to the Riverside Magnet School at Goodwin College (formerly the Goodwin College Early Childhood Magnet School) primarily because of its Reggio Emilia philosophy. She quickly found that this magnet elementary school well-exceeded her expectations.

“I was very impressed with the Riverside Magnet School because the young children there are at an age where they’re exploring expressions and emotions,” she said. “It’s great to be a part of a school that supports that.”

Her daughter flourishes in this type of creative, expressive environment. “My daughter is very observant and inquisitive,” she noted. “She’s gravitates toward art and the school offers opportunities for expression in performing and visual arts.”

She and her family believe that diversity is a very important aspect of education. “A lot of schools don’t have diversity amongst the students and the teachers to the degree that the Riverside Magnet School does.”

Logistically, the Riverside Magnet School makes sense for her family. She and her husband work full-time jobs and were able to enroll her daughter in the afterschool magnet program. “Afterschool care is an extension of the school day. It’s more like an enrichment program because they’re still learning.”

Because the Riverside Magnet School is a part of Goodwin College, she feels that she belongs to a larger community, full of energy and momentum. “We’ve attended family movie nights and other events the College has put on,” she noted. “I have an appreciation for all that Goodwin is doing. You don’t see other colleges doing anything as multifaceted.”

Not only do the students enrolled in the Riverside Magnet School benefit from being a part of a college community, but the College benefits from having this progressive magnet school right on campus. Goodwin students majoring in Early Childhood Education are able to use the magnet school as a learning platform.

“Education is always evolving, so it’s great that our children have access to these dynamic teaching styles,” she noted.

She appreciates that the faculty and staff at the Riverside Magnet School genuinely make an effort to learn everyone’s name and background. “You can tell that the faculty and staff have a vested interest in everyone.”

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