Lifelong Learning: Goodwin College and AARP Collaborate to Offer Scholarships to Members

A new agreement between Goodwin College and AARP is making college education more affordable for AARP members. Beginning July 1, 2018, AARP members are eligible to receive a 25% tuition scholarship toward non-selective academic degree programs at Goodwin.

Non-selective programs are those falling under the general admissions policies and include Accounting (AS), Business Administration (AS/BS), CNC Machining (AS/Certificate), CNC Metrology, (Certificate), Criminal Justice (AS), ESL (Certificate), Environmental Studies (AS/BS/Certificate), General Studies (AS), Health Science (AS/BS), Homeland Security (AS), Human Services (AS/BS), Management and Leadership (BS), Manufacturing Management (BS), MSN (MS), Organizational Leadership (MS), Phlebotomy (Certificate), Professional Studies (BS), Public Health (BS), Public Safety and Security (BS), Quality Management Systems (AS), Supply Chain and Logistics Management (AS), and Welding (Certificate).

“At AARP, we strive to empower people to choose how they live as they age,” said Nora Duncan, State Director, AARP CT. “For many, that can mean new opportunities in education and re-careering that lead to increased financial security and personal satisfaction. We are very excited to add this offering into our line-up for our members in Connecticut and beyond.”

Dan Noonan, Goodwin’s Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications, offered, “At Goodwin, we are committed to reaching out to the community and to lifelong learning. We are happy to add this new collaboration with AARP so that more individuals will be encouraged to take the next step toward continuing their education.”

To apply for the scholarship, AARP members must document their current membership status with a letter from the AARP Connecticut Office. A verification letter can be obtained by calling 860-548-3164 or emailing

For more information on the AARP scholarship opportunity, please contact Bobella Daley, Assistant Director of Admissions, 860-727-6729,