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4 Dirty Little Lies You Tell Yourself About Grad School

4 Dirty Little Lies You Tell Yourself About Grad School
By Sandi Coyne-Gilbert, MBA DM
MS Organizational Leadership Program Director, Goodwin College

The longer you’re out of school, the scarier the thought of going back becomes. Some people tend to think that grad programs are filled with traditional students who came directly out of their undergrad degree and are now pursuing their master’s. They assume these students will be smarter and are better prepared simply because they’re younger — and that’s far from the truth. Today, more and more students who have been out of college for years, even decades, are flooding college admissions offices, eager to start their graduate degree.

If you’re hesitant about going back to school for your master’s degree, don’t be! Here are some “dirty little lies” that adult students tell themselves about why they can’t go back to grad school. Don’t let these deceptions hold you back anymore.

Dirty Little Lie #1: You’ll be the oldest person in the class.
At Goodwin College, there are no age limits or expiration dates in our master’s degree in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program. The average class cohort includes students of all ages, life stages, and career paths. No two individuals’ journeys are the same. All students come into the program with their own experiences that they want to understand better through a different lens. Everyone has a place in our class and no one is judged.

Learning is good for the mind, the body, and the soul! According to Metro Health Inc., cognitive decline is lessened when people continue to learn and use their brains regularly as they age. Denise Park of the University of Texas at Dallas shared, “When you are inside your comfort zone, you may be outside of the enhancement zone.” Entering a new program like the MSOL can actually enhance the likelihood you will gain from the experience and lessen cognitive decline.

Dirty Little Lie #2: It’s not worth the time and energy.
Students come into this program to unleash their inner leader. Our program allows you to invest in yourself. It’s about self-discovery. It’s your own journey. Organizational Leadership is all about people, and no matter where you are and what you do, you will encounter people. From your family, to your favorite nonprofit, to your church, or the company you work for, the MSOL program provides insights into relating to other people, as well as yourself. It provides you with the tools that will make problem solving and investigation more effective for you.

Dirty Little Lie #3: It’s been too long since you’ve written an effective paper.
We understand how daunting writing in a graduate program can be. That’s why we concentrate our efforts on creating an environment where you can, and will, enhance your writing at your own pace. The College’s resources and supports, as well as peer tutoring and engagement with other students, ensure that you’ll have options that help make learning successful — no matter how long you’ve been out of school.

Dirty Little Lie #4: You’re retired, grad school isn’t realistic.
Reaching retirement age absolutely does not mean you are “done” — in fact, you are just getting started! As people live longer, they want their productive years to be extended as well. Many attend school well into their 70s. Dana Anspach of Sensible Money says, “Retirees who engage in lifelong learning keep their brain engaged by challenging themselves to learn new skills. It’s important to find things you’re curious about and dive in. And in retirement, you have the time to do it.” If you have the time and the curiosity, we have the classes and the program!

A master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Goodwin College will take you to new places academically, personally, and professionally. Whether you’re interested in a career change, want to gain more recognition at work, or want to achieve this degree for personal reasons — this MSOL degree program is right for you!