Management and Leadership Program Helps Students Envision Success

Being well informed on how a business operates is not enough in a globalized 21st century organization. Goodwin College’s Management and Leadership training program approaches the field of business from the perspectives of leaders and employees alike. Today’s economy and competitive job market demand more educational training than in previous decades. Everyone recognizes great managers and leaders when they see them. These role models and mentors developed their skills over time. Leaders must develop, cultivate, and utilize their interpersonal skills to motivate, support, encourage, and foster a strong organizational culture for their employees.

Within their Management and Leadership course of study, students cultivate the interpersonal skills that ultimately help them create positive, productive environments for their organizations. The Leadership and Management program teaches future leaders to manage innovation and change, as well as to develop their teams. Students learn that effective communication is the cornerstone of all successful relationships and gain experience in the science of interpersonal skills. Students also learn the skills that employers are looking for, including: communicating, developing employees and teams, advocating ethical practices, managing change, leading effectively, mentoring, and supervising staff.

“While our Business Administration program focuses on the metrics of organizational operation, the Management and Leadership program looks at organizations through a different lens, helping students understand the ‘employee’ component that enables organizations to thrive in this economy. We show our students to be, find, and cultivate employees/culture that will make their organization successful,” said Michael Wolter, Director of Goodwin College’s Management and Leadership program. “This is a program designed for students looking to advance as leaders within their respective disciplines. The Management and Leadership degree fits public, private, for profit, nonprofit, military, education, and retail sectors of industry.” Curriculum within the core classes has a career preparedness initiative built in to assist students with career attainment at graduation. The preparedness includes strategizing the application process; developing a resume, cover letter, and portfolio; strengthening interpersonal communication for the interview process; and becoming versed in business etiquette.

Management and Leadership students start their journey in this degree program in cohorts. They learn together as they progress through the program. This format allows students to build peer support and teamwork. Students work together in both hybrid and fully online formats.

Students who maintain a GPA greater than 3.0 and enroll with 9 credits per semester will receive a 30% scholarship towards their tuition. This opportunity allows them to progress quickly through their studies while remaining mindful of the financial factors of advancing one’s education.

The bachelor’s degree in Management and Leadership educates students on what they need to know to advance within their careers and develops a solid foundation to succeed in a variety of industries.