A Fully-Rewarding Career: Human Services Salary Potential

Most people considering a Human Services career have a passion for helping others. They desire to make a difference, to support people in times of need, and to improve the well-being of others. Whether its helping veterans back on their feet, helping youth in the child welfare system, or helping addicts find a good rehab program, the humans services field offers workers an incredible amount of personal reward. There is also financial reward, as well.

If you are looking to get into Human Services, you may be wondering what the salary potential looks like for those working in the field. Can a career benefiting others actually benefit you, too? Is there room for growth? These are important questions to ask as you plan out your future education and career.

Fact is, there are hundreds of job titles that fall within the bucket of Human Services careers – and, as a result, Human Services salaries can vary greatly. Your earning potential will largely depend on your employer, your position, and your place of work.

Nationwide, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the average salary for all Community and Social Services occupations is $48,050 per year. This translates to over $23 an hour for most.

The BLS ranks Connecticut as the second highest-paying state in the U.S. for this occupational group. In Connecticut, Community and Social Services workers earn an average annual salary of $56,780, though again, this can range. According to the CT Department of Labor, the average entry-level wage for these workers is about $32,800 per year, or about $16 per hour.

Goodwin College is a leader in Human Services education in Connecticut, with both bachelor’s and associate degree programs available to those looking to launch a successful Human Services career. Below, we outline some of the rewarding careers our graduates have pursued with a Human Services degree in hand, along with the salary potential of each.

  1. Case Manager

Within the Social and Human Services fields, a Case Manager plays an important role in helping individuals with different psychosocial needs, such as domestic violence victims, people with disabilities, or the homeless. They usually have at least a bachelor’s degree in Human Services or a related field, such as Social Work.

Glassdoor reports that, on average in the United States, Human Services Case Managers make a base pay of over $47,000 per year. However, this can range. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for all community and social service managers is over $64,000 annually, while the Connecticut Department of Labor reports a mean annual salary of over $76,000 for these managers.

  1. Community Outreach Worker

A Community Outreach Worker is the person at the frontline of Human Services, engaging directly with communities, populations, and individuals to get them the help they need. Outreach workers typically work for non-profit agencies (both government and private), helping demographics in need of assistance – at-risk youth, those in poverty, the unemployed, veterans, and more.

Community Outreach Workers are generally considered a more entry-level career within the Human Services field. To become one, you simply need the right postsecondary training, though greater job prospects will come with an associate degree. The BLS reports that the average salary for Community Health Workers is $38,370 per year. In Connecticut, these workers make about $23 an hour, or $47.8k per year.

  1. Counselor

Human Services counselors can take on many different job titles, also depending on their place of work. Generally, though, their job description entails listening to, understanding, and offering guidance to individuals in need. A counselor may work with families or children, or with those struggling with mental health issues and substance addiction. They may work in schools, in private practices, at rehabilitation centers. Depending on the industry, the educational requirements for counselors will vary. Many counselors today require a Master’s level education, while others (such as Substance Abuse, Behavioral Disorder, and Mental Health Counselors) require at least a bachelor’s degree.

Just as their titles can vary, so can the Human Services salary of counselors today. Nationwide, the median annual wage for substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselors is $43,300.

  1. Probation Officer

Falling on the line of Human Services and Criminal Justice, Probation Officers assist criminal offenders in transitioning back into society. They ensure that those on probation or parole follow the rules, and help through the rehabilitation process to live a productive, accountable life once free. To become a Probation Officer today, it is recommended that you earn a Bachelor’s degree in a related field. On average in the United States, Probation Officers make about $51,410 per year.

5. Crisis Advocate

Also known as a Victim Advocate, a Crisis Advocate is trained to support victims of crime or trauma, to intervene in the case of crisis, and to provide calm and compassionate advice for affected people in times of need. A Crisis Advocate may talk to children after a school shooting, for example, or to victims of domestic violence, to help them find the ongoing support and resources they need.

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide salary data for Crisis Advocates, these professionals fall under the category of human service assistants, who earn an average of $33,120 per year. This aligns with the human services salary data from Indeed, which reports Crisis Counselors earn an average of $38,827 annually.

6. Other Human Services Specialists and Associates

Human Services is a thriving, abundant field where there are no limits in terms of what you can do, or who you can help. In addition to the above positions, you may also consider a career as a Probation Assistant, Rehabilitation Specialist, Social Service Specialist, or Youth Worker. You may become a Human Services Assistant working with young children, mental health patients, former prison inmates, immigrants, military veterans, drug addicts, homeless people, the elderly or the disabled. Your career options are infinite, and your passion area can dictate your career goals.

If you are looking for an entry-level position, or simply to gain a foothold within the Human Services field, consider pursuing a career as a Human Services Assistant. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that these professionals make a comfortable salary of $33,120 per year. The BLS also ranks Connecticut as the 3rd highest paying state in the country for Social and Human Service Assistants, where the pay averages about $40,810 per year.

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