4 Careers You Can Secure with a Criminal Justice Degree

From Law and Order to Blue Bloods to NCIS, the criminal justice system is often depicted in many of today’s popular television shows. Why is that? Not only are people drawn to the twist, suspense, and intricacies that these shows highlight, they are also significantly drawn to the pursuit of justice within our current system.

You may have watched some of these shows and found yourself intrigued by some aspect of the criminal justice system. You may even wish that could be you on the other side of the screen helping to solve crimes, protect our communities, and ensure that justice prevails. The good news is that those jobs you see being played out on the screen can actually be obtained in life beyond Hollywood. You can turn that dream of protecting and serving your community into a reality by enrolling in a reputable criminal justice school and earning your degree.

A criminal justice education can open up many doors within the criminal justice system, giving you the experience and critical thinking skills needed to land a successful criminal justice career. Below, Goodwin College explores some of the most popular careers with a criminal justice degree (that are all attainable for you!).

Probation Officer:

A probation officer helps with the rehabilitation of offenders in our justice system, and is therefore one of the most important careers with a criminal justice degree. Probation officers have the chief role of supervising people on probation, to help them get back on track and be both accountable and successful in society. Working as a probation officer, you will be responsible for monitoring your clients’ whereabouts, conducting random drug tests, and communicating with people close to your clients – such as family, friends, and employers – to ensure they are complying with the terms of their probation and safely adjusting back into society after a crime. If you enjoy serving as a positive influence and role model in people’s lives, then becoming a probation officer is a great fit, allowing you to help offender’s restart their lives.

Forensic Technician:

Forensic Technicians might not have the most glamorous job, but it is certainly an exciting one! Not to mention, Forensic Technicians are crucial to solving crimes. No day is the same for a Forensic Tech. These professionals work closely with forensic investigators and forensic scientists at crime scenes to collect evidence for testing in the lab. As you probably have seen from many TV shows, crime scenes are filled with evidence (clues) that can help solve crimes and sometimes, even the smallest piece of evidence (like a fiber sample or hair follicle) can lead to answers in cracking a crime. So, a Forensic Technician has the important responsibility of collecting evidence at a crime scene – weapons, hair, fluids fiber samples – and bringing them back to the lab for testing and analysis. This is a great career for anyone who wants to be at the forefront of helping to solve crimes.

Correctional Officer:

The prison system offers several careers with a criminal justice degree, one of this being a correctional officer. Corrections officers work at local, state and federal level prisons, and are responsible for supervising inmates and upholding order and stability in the prison facility. Working in a prison system can be stressful and dangerous, so correctional officers have to go through training to keep up with the physical and mental demands of the job. This allows them to not only keep the inmates safe, but also themselves.

DEA Agent:

Drug abuse and drug trafficking continue to affect every corner of our country, which is why the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) mission of protecting communities from illicit drug abuse is more important than ever. A DEA agent is one of those careers with a criminal justice degree that requires a tough mindset. A DEA agent is responsible for investigating, and cracking down on, underground drug operations and major drug trafficking organizations to keep potential drug users safe. If you are passionate about making our communities safer by getting reducing drug use and availability, then you may want to consider this career path.

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