how to improve the education system

How to Improve the Education System and Facilitate Change as a Teacher Leader

In our rapidly evolving world, the U.S. education system confronts unprecedented challenges. Across the country, teachers and students alike face obstacles calling for innovative solutions and contemporary approaches. Amidst growing concerns, the question remains: What changes should be made to the education system?

If you dream of facilitating change in education, Goodwin University’s master’s of Education (M.Ed.) in Teacher Leadership program will prepare you for this role. Teacher leaders inspire students and colleagues alike — and a dedicated degree can help you develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to navigate the landscape of modern K-12 teaching. Better still, Goodwin’s M.Ed. program equips educators to be agents of much-needed change, focusing on the pivotal role of the teacher leader.

Why changes are needed in the education system today

The world around us is dynamic, diverse, and ever-changing. In our fast-paced society, one of the obstacles facing the education system is simply keeping up.

Well, “simply keeping up” isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. The education system must adapt to meet not one moving target but a collection of shifting expectations shaped by technological advancements, diverse student needs, and global competitiveness.

Several critical concerns require time, attention, and intentional instructional practices, including:

  • Curricular relevance: Modern curricula must develop to include skills pertinent to an interconnected, 21st-century world, such as critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. In turn, assignments should offer interactive and practical learning experiences.
  • Equity and access: Disparities in educational resources and opportunities persist and are prevalent in underserved communities. Ensuring equitable access to high-quality education is paramount for fostering social justice and equality.
  • Integrating technology and AI in education: With technology evolving daily and AI touching all aspects of our lives, it’s crucial to incorporate technology in the classroom — enhancing learning experiences while preparing students to thrive in a tech-centric world. Unfortunately, many school districts lack funding for the necessary resources and training.
  • Mental health and well-being: Increasing stress and mental health issues among students demand a more supportive educational environment. Schools must prioritize mental health resources and foster an inclusive culture that promotes holistic well-being.
  • Personalized learning approaches: Students have diverse learning styles and paces. A one-size-fits-all approach often leaves many behind — necessitating individualized instructional strategies based on data-driven insights.


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How teacher leaders can improve the education system

Whether or not a teacher leader has a formal title, these professionals are uniquely positioned to drive meaningful transformation within schools.

As an educational leader, you can make a difference by:

  • Advocating for policy changes: Teacher leaders are empowered to influence educational policies by voicing the needs and challenges they encounter in schools.
  • Creating collaborative cultures: Facilitating collaboration among educators, students, and the community nurtures a supportive learning environment. Teacher leaders can pioneer initiatives that encourage collaboration and interdisciplinary learning.
  • Implementing evidence-based practices: Being in the know about recent educational research sustains high-caliber instructional strategies and up-to-date learning materials. Teacher leaders fearlessly lead the way in promoting evidence-based, accessible methods that enhance student outcomes.
  • Mentoring and professional development: Mentoring fellow educators and promoting professional development, teacher leaders uphold and elevate teaching standards while helping colleagues hone innovative methods.
  • Promoting inclusion: Championing inclusivity and diversity in and out of the classroom constructs a learning space where all students are valued and supported. As an educational leader, you can implement and advocate for practices celebrating all students’ unique backgrounds and needs.

How Goodwin’s Teacher Leadership program empowers you to facilitate change

If you’re ready to improve the education system, look no further than Goodwin University. Focusing on Universal Design for Learning (UDL), issues in modern education, and social justice and inclusive teaching practices, Goodwin’s M.Ed. program will prepare you to inspire and enact the changes the education field needs.

Goodwin’s M.Ed. program uniquely prepares you to inspire change, offering:

  • Comprehensive curricula: Our M.Ed. program offers a robust curriculum covering leadership theories, educational policies, and advanced teaching strategies — equipping educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead effectively.
  • Individualized student support: Goodwin University offers comprehensive student support to help you succeed from classroom to career. Moreover, with small class sizes, M.Ed. graduates receive the personalized guidance and support necessary to develop their teacher leadership skills.
  • Networking opportunities: Goodwin’s M.Ed. program presents opportunities to connect with peers, faculty, and educational leaders — helping you build a powerful resource for collaboration and support in driving educational improvements.
  • Practical experience: Through hands-on projects and real-world applications, M.Ed. students gain practical experience in addressing contemporary issues in education — preparing them to implement changes confidently in their own schools.

Change starts at Goodwin

The need for changes in education is undeniable. Teacher leaders play a crucial role in driving these changes, and when you pursue your M.Ed. at Goodwin, you prepare to play an essential part in systemic transformation. By equipping educators with the skills and knowledge to tackle today’s teaching and learning issues, Goodwin University is helping to shape a brighter future for students and schools. For those passionate about facilitating change in education, this program offers the perfect platform to make a lasting impact.


At Goodwin University, we believe education should be accessible, innovative, and inclusive. Through our M.Ed. program, we prepare teacher leaders to impact education – helping them foster the instructional strategies, methods, and insights diverse learners need to thrive in the modern world. Get started at Goodwin today – learn more about beginning your master’s in Teacher Leadership!