how to help people in your community

Love Where You Live: How to Help the People and Public Health of Your Community

Public health is the science behind safeguarding the health of communities. The availability of clean air, drinking water, exercise, education, healthcare, healthy food, safe shelter, and strong social supports can determine the quality and length of your life. Neighborhoods that have less access to public services and safe spaces are more likely to have occupants with poorer health, premature diseases, and higher rates of death.

Public health tracks and protects the health and well-being of populations. The public health field provides services to all citizens regardless of who they are, their level of education, financial status, or other outside factors. Public health professionals often come from diverse backgrounds and make it their mission to promote healthy lifestyles, research disease, and injury prevention, as well as identify and act on the presence of infectious illnesses.

You do not have to be formally trained in public health to make a difference. Here are some ways that you can make a positive impact on the health of your community.


  • Design murals and health-promoting community artwork.
  • Help design educational health flyers and infographics.
  • Start a fundraiser to provide bike helmets to local children.
  • Start a local community garden and plant trees.


  • Lead wellness programs at your workplace, such as lunchtime walking events, mental health awareness programs, and weight loss challenges.
  • Mobilize your community around functions that improve the public’s health, such as blood drives, free community health screenings, and neighborhood clean-ups.

Use your Voice

  • Attend and testify at town hearings and budget meetings.
  • Please get to know your local representatives and alert them to issues like preserving open spaces, repairing damaged sidewalks, carbon dioxide emissions by idling school buses, and other structural problems that impact your community’s health.
  • Speak at a local high school about topics such as seatbelt safety or underage drinking.
  • Write letters to the editor and op-eds on issues affecting your community.


  • Become a peer educator.
  • Encourage others to complete the Census so that your community receives adequate public health resources.
  • Participate in public health awareness events such as health fairs.
  • Share your time and talents with community non-profits and town committees.

“In the public health field, you will meet people from diverse backgrounds, and use critical thinking skills to solve important problems with community members,” Ashika Brinkley, Ph.D., Program Director of Health Sciences and Public Health at Goodwin University stated.

“One of the greatest things about Goodwin’s public health programs is that there are so many public health sectors that you can adapt your academics toward a fulfilling future that matches your personality and works focus. Whether you enjoy office work or prefer being on the go and meeting new people all day, there’s a place in public health for you!”

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