The Growing Importance of Homeland Security Education

The dedicated, driven protects who hope to serve their communities can find great success by pursuing a criminal justice degree in CT. But there are many diverse criminal justice careers available, and many paths to success that those dedicated protectors can pursue. But as a relatively new field, they may not have considered pursuing a career in homeland security.

Homeland security is a relatively new field of study, and right now schools are now offering students a chance to pursue a homeland security degree in CT. As a growing field with workers in demand across the state and the nation, it’s a great career path to pursue for those individuals who like part of a team with a clear mission, working toward a greater good and keeping cool in a crisis.

In these challenging times, leaders and heroes step forward to bring order to the chaos. Pursuing a homeland security degree will arm students with the skills they need to safeguard their friends and neighbors, and protect the safety, security, and freedoms of all Americans. But what is homeland security?

Homeland security is all about keeping the United States a safe place: passing laws; writing new policies; fighting crime; and preventing terrorism at home. Along with government programs like the National Terrorism Advisory System and the TSA, as well as the Department of Homeland Security, homeland security helps keep the United States prepared for natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Today’s policies are set in place to better prepare the nation for disasters like Hurricane Katrina, or to prevent the events of 9/11 from ever happening again.

Workers in the homeland security field can find work in disaster response and recovery, counterterrorism organizations, immigration and border security, and cybersecurity institutions. A homeland security program can help prepare students for positions vital to national, military, corporate, and personal security. Careers include computer security, corrections, custom and border protection, cyber crime investigation, emergency management, fire science, and first responders.

Goodwin College offers an associate degree in Homeland Security, preparing students to make a life-altering difference during times of need. Goodwin educates these professionals, who in the heat of the moment run towards danger; heroes who put the lives of others ahead of their own. And program graduates may continue their education further by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Public Safety and Security.

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