Connecticut River Academy Hosts Statewide Envirothon Student Aquatics Workshop

Approximately 140 students and 30 advisors from around the state attended the Connecticut Envirothon Aquatics Workshop hosted at the Connecticut River Academy (CTRA) at Goodwin College on January 17, one of several workshops in anticipation of the statewide student competition later this year. The impressive turnout at the Aquatics Workshop was well received by both attendees and hosts.

“This is great,” Envirothon Steering Committee Chair Jeff Folger said. “We’ve had statewide competitions that weren’t this well attended.”

The aquatics workshop was held at CTRA after Bruce Morton, Goodwin College’s Environmental Studies Program Director, reached out to the organization to suggest the environmentally-themed magnet school’s facilities as a potential location for the event.

“The Connecticut River Academy is amazing,” Envirothon Aquatics Chair Kim Bradley said. “The facilities and personnel were incredible.” With large science lab spaces and direct access to the Connecticut River, CTRA offered the perfect environment for the workshop. The aquatics workshop had previously been held at the main Goodwin College building, Bradley said.

The Connecticut Envirothon is a natural resource-based education program started in 1992 by the state’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts, which brings together teams of high school students to participate in workshops related to the environment. On May 6, the teams will meet for an all-day field competition and oral presentation to present before a panel of experts. The winning team will have a chance to compete at the North American Envirothon in the summer.