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A Milestone of Care: Goodwin Celebrates 10 Years of Nursing Graduates

On August 20, the 53 new nurses of Goodwin College’s 31st pinning ceremony lit their ceremonial candles and joined the ranks of the 1,400 nurses who had previously graduated from the College and entered Connecticut’s healthcare workforce.

“It’s hard to believe, but 12 years ago we thought this was a dream,” Goodwin president Mark Scheinberg told the students about the program’s inception.

Ten years later, the program is not just succeeding, but thriving. Goodwin now graduates over 150 nurses annually from its competitive, merit-based nursing program.

Before the graduates received their long-awaited nursing pins, both Scheinberg and Nursing program chair Janice Watts honored Lois Daniels, who assumed a leadership role in the development early and implementation of the associate nursing degree program at Goodwin. Daniels has since served as an adjunct professor for Goodwin and is retiring this year. She told the several hundred assembled guests and graduates that she got into Nursing to care for others and is incredibly proud of the work that has been accomplished at Goodwin.

As the newest nurses rose to receive their pins, associate professor Pam Walker read affirmations written by each student before the ceremony. Many thanked their family and friends for their support in helping them reach this achievement. Many of the nurses’ affirmations also thanked their fellow graduates, with whom they had bonded and worked so hard with over the past 18 months.

“I couldn’t think of earning this achievement with any other group supporting us day in and day out,” Alexandra M. Pace wrote.

“I couldn’t have done this without my MOVE brothers and WISE sisters,” Darryl C. Kenney Jr. wrote in his affirmation. Kenney was the first nursing graduate from the MOVE (Men of Vision in Education) program, which supports the academic and personal success of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, according to Assistant Dean of Students Aaron Isaacs.

“There have been so many memories,” Watts said through tears at the conclusion of the ceremony. “I have had the honor of being involved with each of these pinnings. I love you guys so much.” The ceremony concluded with the 53 new nurses processing to the main lobby to join their friends and family in a raucous and joyful celebration.

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