mechatronics technician skills

What is a Mechatronics Technician? Skills and Abilities You’ll Need for Success

by David Turner, Assistant Professor/Curriculum Coordinator for Mechatronics, Robotics & Automation, Goodwin University

Mechatronics technicians can work in many fields of manufacturing and in a variety of venues including distribution centers and third-party maintenance companies. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechatronics technicians operate, test, and maintain electromechanical and robotic equipment, including CNC machines, package-sorting equipment, and automated assembly lines.

The following are skills a technician will be expected have for success in the field:

  • Maintain, inspect, and install machinery
  • Interpret and follow mechanical manuals related to industrial machinery
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose problems with machinery
  • Test new or refurbished equipment before fully operational
  • Adjust and calibrate equipment for optimal use
  • Create documentation for equipment

What you’ll need to be successful as a mechatronics technician

The skills that will help you excel in the mechatronics field are vast and diverse, but below are some of the most important:

1. Be adaptable.

The situations that you’ll encounter are not always ideal, and you must have the ability to change and adjust to each new environment. The challenges you’ll come across will rarely be “textbook” and must be looked at as open problems or opportunities, not things with a pre-set answer.

2. Be a critical thinker.

The problems you’ll face may be unseen or originate from a source not directly related to the problem area. A technician must be able to see the bigger system as a whole to find the solution.

3. Have a strong work ethic.

As a technician, you will be responsible for the continued successful operation of a company. If problems are not addressed, systems may not work and personnel could be hurt. Getting the job done correctly and safely needs to be the number one priority of a technician.

4. Love working with your hands.

Having that love for working and fixing things with your hands will keep that drive to fix the problem alive, no matter the conditions.

5. Be a self-motivator.

Being a mechatronics technician may mean working on your own in isolated or locations. A successful technician needs to be able to stay on task and work, even when unsupervised.

Learn all you can about the possibilities

With the world changed by COVID-19, the potential increased demand for mechatronics technicians in the next decade is significant as companies opt to bring mechatronics skills in house for faster turnarounds on down equipment. Now is the best time to start on the path to growing opportunities for mechatronics technicians.

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