developing leadership skills

Discover and Unleash Your Inner Leader

By Sandi Coyne-Gilbert, MBA DM
MS Organizational Leadership Program Director, Goodwin College

Are you ready to make an impact? There is something so profound about the word “impact.” Impact in terms of a meteor, rocketing from space, the fate of the world lies in the impact. But when we consider people, what does “impact” really mean to us?

Kaplan Mobray is a famous motivational speaker and the author of the book 10Ks of Personal Branding. When I read the book for the first time, I was struck by aspects of his deep dive into personal branding: what do people say when you leave the room? What does your absence say about your presence? What is your impact on others? I found this idea of impact so intriguing, and I began to see the power in the ability to be visible!

Sometimes when we stop and look at where we are right now, we tend to gloss over the impact we’ve had on others and inside our organizations. Some of you may even feel invisible in the workplace. Maybe you are all too familiar with the feeling that you’re producing quality work, but that you’re not being noticed. It’s hard continuing to contribute to an organization where you don’t feel seen. It’s even worse that your coworkers are being recognized and valued more for their contributions.

You start to ponder: How can I become a more sought-after employee? When will I be considered for the next great assignment? Why wasn’t I offered a promotion? Why do I feel so invisible?

The unfortunate truth is that more employees are invisible than are seen. Those who are seen are not more gifted than you, but are often people who can and will share their successes and position themselves to move forward.

Invisible people often remind themselves that they are lucky to have a job and don’t want to rock the boat. Invisible people do not think about their impact. They worry about their current position.

Visible people think about the next opportunity and reach for the brass ring.

Just because you may not feel seen now does not mean that you won’t in the future. You need to position yourself for success and take the initiative to be seen. You have the opportunity to better develop yourself and your intentions, and begin on the path to displaying your talents. To reach your full potential, you must first embrace who you truly are. Finding ourselves is almost as tough as recognizing that no one else sees us.

Becoming a leader and becoming visible does not happen overnight. You have to take action. You have to want to make a change. You have to put yourself out there to be noticed. At Goodwin College, we offer a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program designed for working professionals. Join our cohort program with individuals from many different industries –dedicated to improving their lives through education. You’ll take the journey to achieving your degree with the same classmates, learning and growing together, from start to finish. You will find the dynamic and passionate you, the individual that your organization wants to stand behind and support. We help you discover and unleash your inner leader!