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College Leadership Program FAQ

Are you looking to boost your career to new heights? Or perhaps you just need a fresh start. Either way, you are thinking of pursuing a college-level leadership program. This is an incredible path for those looking to advance in the workforce, bolster their skillsets, and make an impact in the business world. If you are already great with people, you may see yourself as a natural-born leader. Of course, there are many reasons a College Leadership program is still a very important asset.

Here, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding a college leadership program, and why it may be a fruitful decision (and investment) for your future.

Why pursue a leadership program in college?

Earning a leadership degree can set you up for career success for years to come. And according to the  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a college degree is pretty much required. The majority of management occupations now require a bachelor’s degree at the entry-level, including 80% of the top-paying positions listed by the BLS. Compensation and Benefits Managers, for example, earn a median annual salary of $121K, and require a bachelor’s degree for consideration. Whether you want to advance in your role or launch a new career, a degree will be expected (and possibly needed) to do so.

All this said, a college leadership program, particularly at the bachelor’s level, is well worth the effort and investment. Leadership and management careers are only expected to grow. The BLS expects managerial occupations to grow 8 percent over the next several years – which means an added 807,300 new jobs available to aspiring leaders like you.

What exactly do leadership students study?

You may think that leadership is not something that can be taught; you may think of this field as something that requires a certain level of passion and drive within an individual, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But the truth is, there are many elements of leadership that need to be taught in order for a person to reach success. As John F. Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

College leadership programs teach very versatile skillsets, and equip you with knowledge that can be carried over to any leadership setting. For example, in the Management and Leadership program at Goodwin College, students study the following leadership courses:

  • Team Dynamics and Individual Skills
  • Leadership Theory and Practice in the Organization
  • Organizational Supervision and Administrative Roles
  • Organizational Communications
  • Organizational Ethics
  • Understanding Worker Behaviors
  • Cross-Cultural Competencies in Organizations
  • Project Management
  • Facilitating Groups
  • Organizational Change

What skills do graduates obtain from this program?

With some college leadership training, you will hone specific skills that give you the unique ability to manage, innovate, and inspire change. Some of these skills include:

  • Communication
  • Employee development
  • Ethics
  • Facilitating change
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Problem-Solving
  • Strategic Decision-Making
  • Supervision
  • Teamwork

These skills are invaluable to prospective employees who are looking for great management staff. One of the students at Goodwin College had this to say of the program:

“I gained hands-on experience working with different types of people. This program helped me become a more confident leader.” – Lisa Carmona

What are the expected outcomes of a college leadership program?

Once you have your bachelor’s degree in hand, you will be more appealing to prospective employers. Students who pursue a college leadership program, such as the one as Goodwin College, are able to:

  • Analyze effective organizational structure, culture, strategy and change.
  • Integrate elements of successful organizational communications across multi-cultural perspectives.
  • Assess worker behavior and appraise performance management systems in light of talent development.
  • Incorporate and support team-building skills and processes.
  • Assess effective organizational leadership development-theory and practice.
  • Evaluate and practice ethical decision making in the organization.

In addition to the above program outcomes, you can also expect to pursue leadership careers in the field. Especially if you attend a career-focused college with great emphasis on future success, these careers will be well within your reach. Goodwin College has connections with employers across Connecticut, which means, after completing the Management and Leadership degree, we can help you launch a successful career doing what you love.

Are these programs flexible for already working students?

In today’s busy world, it can be tough to find the time to pursue a college degree. Goodwin College understands this struggle, and so our leadership programs are made to be convenient and flexible. Management and Leadership courses are offered at night and on weekends, so you can keep your day job while you pursue your degree. Classes are also offered online and in a hybrid format, for added flexibility. You can literally earn your degree while your baby sleeps, or in between your current job shifts. We also offer six annual class starts, so you don’t have to wait to enroll and get started.

As you set out to begin this next chapter in your career, consider a college leadership program. Not only will you acquire the valuable skills mentioned, but you will also prove yourself a dedicated and driven employee. Your resume will stand out among the competition, and that gleaming degree will put you above others looking to land the same gig!

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