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Why CNC Precision Machining is So Important

You want a hands-on career. You want to work in a field that is exciting, growing, and gives tangible results at the end of the workday. You want to join the manufacturing industry. With the focus on technology in today’s modern world of manufacturing, you may be considering a career in machining—more specifically, precision CNC machining.

Precision machining is an evolving area within the manufacturing field, and its work impacts our everyday lives. Many of the products of CNC machining are things we use today. And as technology drives the manufacturing industry forward, employers are seeking out more machinists who are experienced with computer numeric control (CNC) and precision machining.

What is the value in CNC precision machining, and how can you get involved? Read on as we explore this topic and how important precision CNC machining is to today’s modern manufacturing industry.

What is CNC Precision Machining?

CNC precision machining is the process of cutting various material to exact specification. This process typically involves removing the excess from a metal component (or other materials) and reshaping it to a level of high tolerance. To put it more simply, precision machining reshapes a large chunk of a material into smaller, more refined parts.

Precision CNC machining produces items – of all sizes – that we use in our lives every single day. In fact, all of the pieces of tools and everyday household products that you use requires some level of a machinist’s valuable skills. Of course, a tool or machine that has been worn out often requires machine tool calibration, grooving, or welding by a CNC precision machinist. From the production of cars and medical equipment to hair styling tools and kitchen appliances, precision machining is a part of every industry and technology. So how important is CNC precision machining? Well, if a product contains parts, it needed some of this process.

Why We Need CNC Machinists

There are many reasons that CNC precision machining is important to our manufacturing industry today. Some of the biggest reasons are often considered:

  • The precision machining process relies on computer-controlled machines. These can operate much faster and without as much human involvement.
  • The equipment used in CNC precision machining uses computer-animated drawings to interpret blueprints and then produce the items needed. These advanced machines can outpace humans in terms of accuracy, speed, and overall quality. These machines can run on longer hours with more consistent, quality-controlled results.
  • Lower risk. Because these machines have quality-control, errors are much less likely to occur. Human error happens much more frequently and can result in injuries.
  • Lower costs. Since CNC precision machining involves higher speed work and less human involvement, production costs are lower for manufacturing companies than they once were.

Because of the variety of products that are produced, precision machinists work with a vast array of materials. You may work with bronze, glass, different types of metals, and more. Depending on the project you’re working on, you will need to use a combination of tools and machines. Therefore, you must be familiar with different equipment and techniques in the field. Machinists are often comfortable using many different tools such as drill presses, grinders, lathes, milking machines, saws, and even high-speed robotics. You need to have a working knowledge and competent ability in CNC technology.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply “run” a machine. Employers today are looking for potential hires who are certified, educated, and trained CNC machinists—professionals who know the ins and outs of computer numerical controlled machines. To get a leg up in the field, and to start developing the skills for success, CNC operator school is recommended for aspiring precision machinists.

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