Never Too Early To Be Prepared for Careers in Management

Today’s economy and competitive job market demand more educational training than in previous decades. In order to meet the ever-increasing need for graduates who are truly ready to hire, colleges are searching for ways to ensure their students will succeed not only in the classroom, but in their ultimate goal of finding satisfying careers as well. Research has identified that making thoughtful, strategic career preparedness integral to the academic curriculum empowers students to be confident — and successful — in their job search process.

The Management and Leadership training program at Goodwin College incorporates a unique Career Preparedness Initiative that places critical, carefully timed career service “checkpoints” into key courses. These enable students to have resumes, cover letters, and other vital material at the ready — before the interview process begins.

Being well prepared applies to more than just a finely tuned resume. Within their course of study, students cultivate the interpersonal skills that will ultimately help them to stand out to prospective employers.

“The Career Preparedness initiative integrates academics and career development into a seamless curriculum that increases students’ chances for success in attaining their desired leadership position in their respective fields,” said Michael Wolter, Director of Goodwin College’s Management and Leadership program.

Skill building includes strategizing the application process, developing a resume and cover letter portfolio, strengthening interpersonal communication, and becoming versed in business etiquette.

“It starts with their first course,” Wolter explains. “Gradually acquiring and practicing these skills along the way, rather than waiting for a panicked pre-graduation rush, significantly increases students’ mastery of these standards.”

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