You Were Born To Be a Protector

The instructors’ first-hand knowledge was priceless.” — David Mable, Goodwin College Criminal Justice class of 2013

Being a protector runs in your blood. You watch over and guard those in need. Whether it is in the community, in your personal life, or in nature, you enjoy peace and prosperity. You thrive in an environment that allows you to take action and make the right moves. Always cool under pressure and in a crisis, you have the courage to take charge of a situation. You enjoy being a part of a team with a clear mission, working toward a greater good.

Make the most of your natural instincts as a protector with a degree or certificate from Goodwin College and make your world a safer place for all.

Goodwin has six public safety and criminal justice programs, offering certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees:

Students and attend classes part time or full time, and can find careers in numerous rewarding fields. Career options for protectors include: border protection; computer security; corrections; customs; cybercrime investigation; the Drug Enforcement Agency; emergency management; environmental science; fire science; first responders; immigration and customs; law enforcement; public health; and security.

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