benefits of having a criminal justice degree

4 Key Benefits of a Criminal Justice Degree

Are you looking for a meaningful career that stands up for justice? Do you want to make a positive difference in your community? For those seeking a challenging and rewarding career, there are many benefits of studying criminal justice. While you may think of this type of degree solely for police and investigative work, a criminal justice education can also extend into a career in the court system, FBI, CIA, and beyond.
Studying criminal justice can prepare you for a lifetime of impactful work. There are many different career paths to take, but no matter which you choose, you will find that the benefits of having a criminal justice degree are great. If you are thinking about enrolling in a criminal justice school, read on. Here, we will explore the key benefits of this field of study.

1. Edging Out the Competition

Whether you see yourself climbing the ranks within a police department, or you aspire to lead a team that combats drug trafficking, you will be facing some stiff competition. There are many others who dream of filling these roles and helping safeguard their communities. Having a criminal justice degree can give you a significant competitive edge when it comes to pursuing these career goals. While police departments may be willing to hire candidates with a high school diploma, an advanced degree will give you a better chance at landing the job. It will also qualify you for more jobs that require a postsecondary degree.

As you advance through your career and earn promotions over the years, a criminal justice degree can continue to benefit you. Those with degrees often advance into leadership and supervisory positions, with their advanced skillsets translating to upward mobility in the field. This means that, even if you start in an entry-level role, you can still advance up the career ladder—whether you are on the force, at a private agency, in a court room, or working with a government organization.

2. Greater Job Prospects

As mentioned, having a criminal justice degree will give you an edge over the competition. This also means more job opportunities. No matter where you live and work, you can find exciting – and sometimes higher-paying – job prospects with a college degree in hand. Salaries vary based on location. Urban areas, such as large cities with high crime rates, will typically pay more than small towns with less criminal activity.

As you pursue your criminal justice degree, you will also find that the degree itself will open doors that a high school education and experience alone simply cannot. Employers who are looking to fill positions within the FBI and CIA, for example, will not hire candidates solely with police training under their belt. They will choose the applicant with the experience and the postsecondary degree. In fact, many federal agencies require a college degree in order to apply. A degree shows that you have been preparing for your career, gaining the skills and knowledge needed for success in criminal justice.

3. Better Earning Potential

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for many of these jobs is bright. The employment of police officers, for example, is expected to grow seven percent over the next several years. Many careers within criminal justice offer a substantial salary, as well. Check out some of the mean annual wages for these potential careers, as listed by the BLS:

  • Detectives and Criminal Investigators: $89,300
  • Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers: $70,000
  • Fire Inspectors and Investigators: $67,680
  • Fish and Game Wardens: $57,810
  • Correctional Officers: $52,340

If you decide, down the road, to add “teacher” to your title (many professors at Goodwin University are industry professionals), you could be looking at a salary of upwards of $72K.

Learn more about the different criminal justice salaries here.

4. Flexibility in Learning

Between work and family obligations, earning a degree as an adult can be overwhelming. It can be hard to juggle life while pursuing your career goals. You need a criminal justice program that can offer you flexibility, so that you can take classes while balancing your other responsibilities.

At Goodwin University, we understand this need. We are all about convenience. That is why the criminal justice associate degree program offers classes during the day and at night. Whether you work first, second, or third shift, you will be able to find classes that fit into your busy life.

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