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Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding Classes

Medical Coding is the practice of assigning specific numeric codes to medical services, procedures, and diagnoses in order to submit claims to insurance companies or the U.S. government, specifically Medicare and Medicaid, in order to receive payment for services provided by a licensed healthcare professional. Medical Billers and Coders function as medical reimbursement consultants to medical practices, physician billing services, insurance companies, software companies, healthcare agencies, consulting firms, and State and Federal Government Agencies.


First Semester
HSC 105 Medical Terminology* 3
BIO 101 Concepts in Human Biology* 3
MED 115 Introduction to Insurance and Coding* 3
Second Semester
MCD 213 CPT ®-4 Coding I* 3
MCD 214 CPT ®-4 Coding II* 3
MCD 216 ICD-10-Coding 3
Third Semester
CAP 1XX Computer Literacy elective 3
MED 250 Medical Office Management 3
HSC 1XX Health Science elective 3
MCD 220 Medical Coding Capstone* 3

Total Credits: 


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Students have the option of completing a 3-credit elective internship (MCD 299) as part of their medical coding classes.

* These courses must be completed with "C" or higher in order to graduate from the program.

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