Technical Schools vs. Career-Focused Colleges

Both technical schools and career-focused colleges can be great choices for students seeking to get ahead in their careers. The challenge, however, lies in figuring out which educational path best aligns with your career goals and employment aspirations.

The type of school you choose will depend on your career interests, the educational approach you prefer, the requirements of your future employers, and the demands of your schedule. To help get you started, we’ve prepared this quick comparison between technical schools and career-focused colleges.

Technical Schools

In a technical school, students enroll in their chosen course of study and take very specific classes that prepare them for a very particular job. Many people choose a technical school as it gives them the chance to receive proper training without taking a large number of general, required courses. Typical programs you will find at a technical school include auto mechanics, HVAC training, culinary arts, computer technology, and healthcare.

Instead of an associate or bachelor’s degree, technical schools are limited to offering diplomas and certificates. Also, the credits earned in technical schools may not transfer over to any further academic undergraduate programs you might consider down the road.

Career-Focused Colleges (Like Goodwin University)

In a career-focused college program, students can expect formal college coursework along with practical career training. And unlike a typical liberal arts school, career-focused colleges offer hands-on experience, in-field internships, and career placement services

Like technical schools, career-focused colleges are focused on industry-specific skills that employers are looking for. However, career-focused colleges typically go beyond the boundaries of job training alone — they also teach students critical thinking, theory, ethics, and other valuable insights that can be used throughout their careers.

Many types and levels of programs are offered at career-focused colleges. At Goodwin University, you can earn a certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or even a master’s degree, depending on your chosen major and its career requirements. The best part is, our degree and certificate programs are designed to be flexible:

  • Select classes can be taken in either on-campus or online formats.
  • Students benefit from a full range of evening and weekend course offerings.
  • Goodwin offers three academic sessions each year for faster degree completion. Full-time students have the potential to earn a bachelor’s degree in as few as three years.

Learn more about our flexible career-focused degree and certificate programs.

Additionally, there are many types of financial aid you can receive from a career-focused college. For example, Goodwin University offers scholarships, grants, federal loans, work study jobs, and veteran’s educational benefits.

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