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School for Thought: Why Study Occupational Therapy?

Compassionate. Rewarding. Thriving. These are just some of the many words we’ve heard used to describe the field of occupational therapy. Not only does this area of work come with a promising paycheck and job outlook, it also comes with great job satisfaction.

This is especially true among Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTAs), whose career ranks #1 on US News’ list of best healthcare support jobs. OTAs are also ranked among Connecticut’s top five fastest-growing careers. If you are looking to pursue a secure, satisfying, and sought-after field, Occupational Therapy Assisting should also rank at the top of your list.

Still, you may be asking why: Why become an OTA, and why study occupational therapy in the first place? What makes this such an important and in-demand field? These are all key questions to ask as you consider your future and a college education. As a leading Occupational Therapy Assistant school in Connecticut, Goodwin College will walk you through the many reasons why studying occupational therapy is such an advantageous career move.

  1. It is a rewarding path; you will make a major difference in people’s lives.

Occupational Therapy Assistants play a critical role in healthcare, helping patients to restore and revive independence in their lives. In short, OTAs help people get back into the routine of everyday living. They assist patients who are injured, ill, elderly, and disabled in re-mastering many of the everyday tasks we often take for granted (e.g. getting dressed or brushing our teeth). With their work comes great satisfaction. They are helping people live their lives. They help people get back to work. They help people function and be productive. What can be more rewarding than that?

  1. The job outlook is bright and full of opportunity.

Occupational therapy assistants, by far, are one of the fastest rising careers in the nation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, OTA jobs are expected to grow by a massive 40 percent between 2014 and 2024 – much faster than the average for all other occupations. And today, the median annual OTA salary in Connecticut is over $60,000. This means that, with an OTA degree under your belt, you will be well-positioned to bring home a pretty paycheck each week. And, there is great room for increased earning potential. Occupational Therapy Assistants were ranked well “above average” for upward mobility (new opportunities for job advancements and salary) by the experts at US News.

  1. There are many different settings in which you can work.

If you choose a career in occupational therapy, you will never be short of new work settings. Much of the beauty of occupational therapy is that there are so many options and environments in which you can grow your career. You will get a taste of this right in Goodwin’s OTA program – our students are given the opportunity to do clinical work in thriving healthcare settings throughout Connecticut: nursing homes, alternative communities, assisted living facilities, children’s hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, and more. And once in the field, you will still have the option to move around. Many OTAs will change their workplaces throughout their careers to gain a well-rounded understanding of each area in the field. That said, you can rest assured you will find a perfect job fit in the occupational therapy arena.

  1. OTA programs are flexible and convenient.

There is no doubt that occupational therapy is the career to pursue nowadays. But if you do not want to commit to a full-time Bachelor’s degree and 24-weeks of field work experience (which is required of Connecticut OTs), an OTA program may be best for you. OTA programs, compared to occupational therapy programs, are flexible and offer a faster track to a job. At Goodwin College, you can obtain your OTA degree in just 16-months full-time. For added flexibility, all Occupational Therapy Assistant courses are offered during the evening. Select Saturday classes are also available.

  1. With an Occupational Therapy Assistant Degree, you will find great job prospects.

To become an OTA in Connecticut, you must hold an associate Occupational Therapy Assistant degree and proper licensure. This is a state standard. But an OTA associate’s degree will do more than just qualify you for a job – it will fully prepare you for a job. It will give you the knowledge, the skills, and the clinical experience needed to succeed in a practical environment.

Sources show that nearly 80 percent of OTAs find employment within six months of graduating their programs. And what’s particularly great about Goodwin College is the career services offered to students and graduates. If you choose to pursue our OTA program, you will be granted a lifetime of career placement and counseling support, for free and forever. We can help you build your resume, write cover letters, interview, and network with healthcare employers throughout the state. Our job isn’t truly finished until our graduates are in occupational therapy careers they love.

So, why study occupational therapy? Because it is one of the most thriving and in-demand healthcare jobs out there today! Learn more about Goodwin’s Occupational Therapy Assistant program by calling 800-889-3282 or visit us online.