study manufacturing in connecticut

Why Study Manufacturing?

The manufacturing industry is booming across the United States. In fact, our country is in the middle of another industrial revolution – our fourth, to be exact – according to author and professor, Klaus Schwab. Today, we are creating and building the next wave of manufacturing. And this time, we’re doing it with technology that moves faster than ever before.

The entire country is experiencing a resurgence in manufacturing. Connecticut is a key contributor to this industry. In fact, CT manufacturers export nearly $13.5 billion in products, such as cars, medical equipment, jet engines, and more.

If you’re considering a future in manufacturing, you may be wondering if a degree in this field is worthwhile. Why study manufacturing, you ask? Read on, as we share the top reasons to study manufacturing today. We’ll also bust some myths associated with old manufacturing careers.

Get your sunnies, you’re about to learn why manufacturing is such a hot field right now, and how it can offer you a bright future ahead.

  1. Manufacturing is the future

Manufacturing is becoming more technologically driven, just like the rest of our world. New methods for producing products are emerging every year – and they are making the industry more efficient and accurate than ever before. Because of the evolving state of the manufacturing industry, manufacturing employers are looking for educated and highly skilled candidates. This means prospective workers must have:

  • Technical manufacturing skills
  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Knowledge of CNC machining
  • Programming
  • Geometric dimensioning
  • Experience, education, or certifications

With greater focus on tech advancements, it’s easy to see why manufacturing is the future.

  1. Manufacturing careers are in demand

With a wide range of secure job opportunities all over the state, in a wide variety of industries, manufacturing is a stable and rewarding career choice. And there is no shortage of jobs for skills professionals. In fact, the Connecticut Business & Industry Association’s (CBIA) latest survey found that more than 4,000 manufacturing firms currently call Connecticut home. As do 159,000 manufacturing employees.

If you’re looking for a hands-on, innovative, and high-tech career, the booming manufacturing opportunities in CT make the question of “Why study manufacturing” an easy one to answer!

  1. Training programs are designed for you

In Connecticut, manufacturers will hire both high school and college graduates, depending on the position. However, high levels of satisfaction are reported among those who hire graduates with advanced levels of postsecondary education and technical training. Manufacturing workers who have completed college-level certificate programs, or who hold a degree in manufacturing, are widely viewed as more desirable candidates.

A career-focused manufacturing school, like Goodwin University, offers hands-on learning with state-of-the-art equipment. There are training opportunities in:

  • CNC Machining
  • Logistics
  • Quality
  • Supply Chain
  • Management
  • Welding
  • And more

Common Myths about Manufacturing

  1. Manufacturing jobs are low-paying. Manufacturing workers in Connecticut earn over $95,000 a year – well above the average salary statewide.
  2. Manufacturing offers limited opportunities. Between the privately-owned manufacturing plants and the public sectors within government, there is a wide array of job opportunity for manufacturers in CT. Whether you want to help create power tools, airplanes, or even cell phones and computers, there is something for everyone interested in this hands-on career.

Manufacturing is an overseas industry. While it’s true that Apple mass-produces its coveted smartphones in China, the tech giant has also invested hundreds of thousands of dollars toward moving manufacturing production plants to the U.S. Yes, China is the global leader in manufacturing, but the U.S. is still a heavy hitter. China and the U.S. each produce about one-fifth of the world’s manufacturing, but the U.S. does it with only about 10% of the economy devoted to that sector. China focuses 40% of its economy on manufacturing.

Launch Your Career with a Program Focused on You

The manufacturing programs offered at Goodwin University hold students’ lives and need for convenience as a top priority. Students in the Manufacturing Management bachelor’s degree program can choose from on-campus classes or courses in hybrid formats (a blend of on-campus and online). In-person classes are offered days and nights.

If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in manufacturing, don’t wait to get started. Contact Goodwin College at 800-889-3282 to learn why we’re a leader in manufacturing education in Connecticut. Or, visit us online to request more information about our manufacturing training programs.