artificial intelligence use cases in higher education

5 Unexpected Uses of Artificial Intelligence

Juggling classes, that part-time job, and your social life can feel somewhat like an Olympic sport. But what if there was a secret weapon you could use to streamline your life, both in the classroom and beyond? Artificial intelligence (AI) might seem like something straight out of a science fiction novel, but it’s quickly becoming a powerful tool for students and working professionals alike.

While AI tools like text-to-speech and idea generation platforms (think ChatGPT or Gemini) are familiar faces in the classroom and workplace, the potential of AI goes far beyond. Forget just generating ideas — AI can assist in crafting a professional headshot, whipping up a delicious recipe on a budget, and so much more. It’s a treasure trove of unexpected ways to streamline both your personal and professional lives!

Read on as we delve into five unexpected uses of artificial intelligence that can make your everyday life a little bit easier — or maybe just a little more fun!

1. AI as your own personal stylist


Have you ever watched Clueless with envy, marveling at Cher’s computer as it picks out the perfect show-stopping school outfit? Well, the moment you’ve longed for has finally arrived!

You can now use artificial intelligence as your own personal stylist (just like Cher!). AI fashion assistants can analyze your style preferences and clothing collection, then suggest outfit combinations you might not have thought of before. Some AI fashion assistants can even use weather forecasts and current trends to create outfit suggestions!

The next time you’re struggling to find the ideal outfit for a big event, whether it be a job interview or a first date, turn to your friendly AI stylist for guidance.

2. Art creation


Stuck on a creative block? AI can help! Whether you have a half-finished sketch or just a fantastical idea bouncing around in your head, describe it to an AI art generator and watch your vision come to life.

AI can take a simple sketch or description and turn it into a full-fledged piece of art by translating your vision into various artistic styles, from realism to abstract.

Or if you’re a skilled artist who’s stuck in a creative rut, you can lean on AI for some support. Use AI to explore artistic styles you might not have considered before. Artificial intelligence tools can get those creative juices flowing so you can start working on your next masterpiece.


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3. Write a hit song


Do you have a melody stuck in your head? Are you humming an infectiously catchy tune, but can’t think of any lyrics to pair it with? Here’s where artificial intelligence can come in to save the day — and your song.

AI songwriting can help elevate your overall songwriting experience. It can help you overcome writer’s block by examining your current verses and choruses and suggesting new lyrical ideas. AI can also generate harmonies to your melody by analyzing your vocal lines to create a more layered soundscape for your song.

And a quick reminder — AI is not here to replace your creativity, only to supplement it! While AI tools can help finetune your ideas, it’s still your voice and artistry that will shine through in the final product.

4. Plan your dream vacation


Don’t break the bank paying for a travel agent, when you can utilize artificial intelligence instead to plan your next great vacation!

An AI travel planner can consider your interests, budget, and travel style to curate unique itineraries beyond typical tourist spots. It could even factor in real-time weather conditions and suggest hidden gems to explore.

Enter vacation relaxation mode a little early by letting AI take the reins on all the stressful planning!

5. Learn a language


Away with the bulky textbooks and monotonous educational drills! Your dream of learning a new language can finally come into fruition with the help of artificial intelligence. AI is revolutionizing language learning, offering a dynamic and personalized approach that makes acquiring a new language engaging and efficient.

Whereas traditional language learning often focuses on grammar rules over practical application, AI can help you learn the real-world conversational skills that matter most. AI offers interactive conversation practice with bots in real-time, so you can practice speaking and listening in a safe and comfortable environment.

AI can cater to your specific learning goals. Whether you want to focus on business vocabulary or conversational fluency for travel, AI can tailor the learning materials and activities to meet your needs. But remember — AI is not a magic pill for language acquisition! While it can be extremely helpful, you still must put the work and practice into learning your new language of choice.


As you can see, AI is no longer confined to science fiction. It’s weaving itself into the fabric of our daily lives, offering unexpected solutions and making things a little more fun along the way. From composing a catchy tune to learning a new language, AI is a powerful tool waiting to be explored. So, embrace the possibilities, experiment with these unexpected applications, and see how AI can help you navigate your educational experience (and beyond) with greater ease and creativity!

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