charity golf tournament in ct

Tenth Anniversary Golf Tournament Provides Opportunities for Students in Need

The Goodwin College 10th Anniversary Golf Tournament took place on September 16 at Topstone Golf Course in South Windsor, CT.

IMG_7742Over $120,000 was raised; $80,000 of that was directly awarded to make a significant difference in the lives of 28 students.

“What better way to spend money than on people who just want a chance?” Marty Shea, co-chair of the annual golf tournament asked. “Because of people like you, Goodwin College is the success that it is.”

Thirteen of the 28 golf scholarship recipients were in attendance at the reception, three of whom chose to share their stories.

“The scholarship recipients have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to make a better life for themselves and their families,” Brooke Penders, Vice President of Advancement, said.

Marianne Henley enrolled in Goodwin’s associate degree program in Nursing after she lost her job during the recession. When she realized she was no longer able to receive financial aid, she applied for a scholarship, hoping for a chance to continue her education at Goodwin.

“Ten days before the semester started, I was told that my tuition was paid for in full and I burst in to tears,” Henley stated.

To express her gratitude, Henley shared a personal story with the audience. “Twenty years ago, I found myself in the deep end of the pool, not knowing how to swim. I realized I was drowning, but someone grabbed my wrist and saved me,” she recalled. “That’s how I feel about this scholarship.”

Shavonne Overton, a graduate of the Goodwin associate degree program currently pursuing her BSN Degree, worked as a full-time chef before coming to Goodwin. She was laid off from her position in the food industry, an event she would later describe as a “blessing in disguise.”

“This scholarship has changed my life,” Overton stated. “Goodwin has been my backbone. When I first walked on campus, I remember feeling so welcomed and now I’m just two semesters away from receiving my bachelor’s.”

Michael Spano, Environmental Studies student and disabled veteran, was honored to receive his scholarship. “Thank you for your support and belief in me,” he said. “The gift you’ve given us will provide us with great careers.”

Ernie Hut, owner of Augie and Ray’s Drive-In, said a few words about Goodwin’s president, Mark Scheinberg, and all that he’s done to improve the town of East Hartford. “I’m proud to be from East Hartford,” he stated.

Thank you to all the sponsors, golfers, and volunteers who made this event possible, especially the Tournament’s presenting sponsor, FIP Construction.

For more information about the Goodwin College Foundation, please call (860) 291-9934 or visit: