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The Benefits of a Science-Inspired High School

The teenage years of a student’s life can be a bit complicated. They are chock full of life-changing experiences and development – emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually. Not only this, but teens’ futures (i.e. college and careers) rest upon their high school education. That is why it is so important to find the best program possible. As a parent, a traditional school – be it public or private – may not feel like the right fit for your son or daughter. Perhaps you want your teen to be inspired and focused on the bright opportunities that lie ahead. This is where magnet schools shine.

Magnet schools offer theme-based curriculums for driven students who are focused on the future. There are many benefits of choosing a theme-based high school program. According to a study published by the Journal of Research in Science Teaching, theme-based schools take a “whole-school” and a “whole-student” approach. This approach allows these programs to control the school climate and peer culture, which are known to influence students’ choices. With more demanding coursework, along with a pre-college atmosphere, students embark on focused pathways within their interest areas and future college careers.

You may be considering a theme-based program for your young learner. If he or she is interested in science, the environment, and sustainability, you may be searching for a magnet high school that dives deep into these fields. Connecticut River Academy, for example, is a theme-based magnet school that offers an advanced high school education similar to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). However, the students at Connecticut River Academy focus on sustainability as the primary theme, through two basic branches of study: Environmental Science and Advanced Manufacturing.

What makes an environmental high school like Connecticut River Academy (CTRA) so appealing? Read on as we break down the biggest reasons to choose a science high school for your teen.

  1. Hands-on and interactive learning opportunities

Instead of texting at their desks while the teacher drags on about an uninteresting subject, students at a science high school can get in on the action. This creative learning environment offers teens access to advanced technology, state of the art laboratories, high-tech equipment and more. Typically, at an environmentally focused high school, students also have classroom experiences outdoors. For example, at CTRA, students can be found exploring, collecting, testing, and conducting science projects along the local river. They also have the opportunity to board our very own research vessel.

  1. A developed interest and greater engagement in the classroom

This innovative, hands-on approach also provides a true motivation for education. According to Education Week, high schoolers who are excited about STEM learning actually spread the enthusiasm to their peers. If your teen has expressed interest in the sciences, or has a passion for nature and the environment, you can rest assured they will be interested in a tailored high school curriculum that covers various areas of science and sustainability. The more interested your teen is in his or her high school education, the more likely he or she is likely to succeed.

  1. More awareness around the environment, sustainability, and current issues/opportunities

As the name would suggest, a science high school focuses on subjects like biology, chemistry, and other key topics that may interest your teen. An environmental high school focuses on the environment around us and methods to best sustain it. Within Connecticut River Academy, students are given the tools needed to make a real impact on our world. The vision of the school is, “Graduates will use their gifts to contribute to a just and sustainable world.”

  1. Preparation for science-focused college majors

One of the biggest perks of attending a science-inspired high school is the preparation for – and jumpstart on – their postsecondary education. In a typical science high schools, your teen will be able to explore his/her interest areas, and develop an understanding of where he/she may want to take his or her career and college major. At Connecticut River Academy, we take college prep a step further. As an early college high school, CTRA students earn college credit during grades 11 and 12. These college-level courses can give teens up to 30 transferable credits. This lays an important foundation for a successful college career in the studies of science.

  1. Promising career potential in science-related fields

When a student has access to STEM education, the sky is their limit. Whether they decide to pursue microbiology, medical school, engineering, or computer programming, the future is certainly bright for these bright young minds. According to U.S. News & World Report Best Jobs rankings, some of the top STEM-related careers include:

• Statistician.
• Software developer.
• Physician assistant.
• Dentist.
• Cartographer.
• Actuary.
• Civil Engineer.
• Psychologist.
• Information Security Analyst.
• IT Manager.

A science high school like Connecticut River Academy prepares, inspires, and advances students to reach their long term career goals. This program offers a wide range of specialties after graduation. The competition for the above fields continues to increase with each passing year. Making sure students are focused on environmental studies with interactive learning ensures passion and drive for greater education is pursued.

Think your teen would benefit from the experiences that an environmental science and technology high school can offer? Visit us online to learn how our magnet high school program can make an impact in your child’s life.