4 Experiences Your Teen Can Have in an Environmental Science and Technology High School

The teenage years of your child’s life is a period of intense growth not only physically, but emotionally and intellectually. Therefore, making sure they are in an educational environment that facilitates that growth is extremely important to their future success.

If a traditional public school environment will not be the best fit for your teen, there are many alternative high school options out there that your teen should consider attending, including magnet schools. Magnet high schools are a great fit for those who want their learning to be focused around a certain theme such as Fine and performing arts, International Studies and Language Learning and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

In particular, if your child has interest or excels in STEM, an environmental science and technology high school like Connecticut River Academy (CTRA) in East Hartford could be a perfect fit for your teen. Here are some of the unique experiences that environmental science and technology high schools can provide your teen during this critical period of growth in their lives.

  • Environmental and sustainability-focused curriculum:

First and foremost, the curriculum at this type of high school focuses on the environment around us and how to best sustain this environment. In fact, Connecticut River Academy’s vision is, “Graduates will use their gifts to contribute to a just and sustainable world.” The curriculum is designed to give students the tools to make an impact in the world long after receiving their diplomas. At Connecticut River Academy, students have the opportunity to do many science projects by the river and to board our very own research vessel to learn all about sustainability.

  • Technology-focused facilities:

Environmental science and technology high schools thrive on creating an innovative environment for their students to immerse themselves. Students at Connecticut River Academy have the opportunity for hands-on learning with access to advanced machinery, state of the art laboratories, high-tech software and much more. Furthermore, our teachers also have access to many innovative resources to enhance their lesson plans and curricula.

  • Post high school preparation:

One of the greatest features of Connecticut River Academy is that students have the ability to take college courses. Our early college high school model gives students in grades 11-12 the ability to take college-level courses and earn up to 30 transferable college credits. Unlike most other high schools, this environmental science and technology high school allows students to get a head start on their college career, which helps establish an important foundation for their post high school journey.

  • Diversity in the classroom:

Connecticut River Academy promotes empathy and inclusion through its diverse student population. Being an inter-district magnet school, this environmental science and technology high school is designed to bring together students of many different cultures and various academic achievement levels, race and socio-economic backgrounds.  Students can apply and be accepted to Connecticut River Academy, regardless of the zip code they live in, which creates an environment that thrives on diversity and inclusion.

If your teen would benefit from the experiences that an environmental science and technology high school can offer, then contact Connecticut River Academy today to learn more about our magnet high school program can make an impact in your teenager’s life.