Which RN to BSN Classes Are Musts on Your Schedule?

In your initial strides to become a registered nurse, you learned the fundamentals of microbiology, anatomy, physiology, and lifespan development. You learned the core competencies needed to be successful in your role, from clinical nursing skills to medical ethics to compassionate patient care. And in your early college days, you likely also fulfilled the foundational coursework needed to effectively communicate and participate in an active care setting: English, writing, computer literacy, communications, even sociology and psychology. So, where do you take your nursing education next?

You may have heard that more and more employers are looking for nurses who have obtained a bachelor’s level education – in other words, a BSN degree. In fact, almost 80 percent of employers today now prefer to hire BSN graduates for their expanded training, while some employers actually require it for career growth. As a result, like many RNs, you may be considering furthering your associate degree through an RN to BSN program.

RN to BSN programs are a great option for already-working nurses with a BSN degree in sight, due to their flexibility as well as their comprehensive course offerings. What can you expect to learn while working towards your BSN degree? Which RN to BSN classes should you ensure are on your schedule? Below, Goodwin details some of the most valuable (and favorited) courses in our RN to BSN program.

6 of the Most Valuable RN to BSN Courses to Take On

  1. Foundations of Professional Nursing – Despite the fact you may already be working as a professional, licensed RN, this course covers extremely valuable topics for progressing nurses. At Goodwin College, for example, BSN students are introduced to our Nursing Theoretical Framework, Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN), as well as the advanced roles and expectations of a professional nurse.
  2. Health Assessment – Every medical appointment or patient consultation involves assessment – of their records, medical history, symptoms – as well as a thorough examination. The Health Assessment course offered in Goodwin’s BSN program helps to hone your theoretical knowledge as well as your examination and assessment skills. As part of this class experience, BSN students have the opportunity to perform a focused examination under the observation of the instructor.
  3. Nursing Research – Research is an ever-evolving component of the healthcare field, with new evidence-based methodologies and treatments consistently coming forth. This RN to BSN class is designed to develop your skillsets in clinical research and evidence-based practice, and further refine your critical thinking skills so that these components can be actively integrated into your patient assessments. With these skills combined, you will be highly valued in your role as an advancing nurse.
  4. Public Health and Community Health Nursing – Public health is a rapidly growing field, with the wellness and safety of the greater good at the very core of its work. Nurses working in public health spend their days working not only with individual patients, but with entire communities – ensuring that those in need (whether lower-income or under-served populations) have access to quality healthcare. If you are interested in becoming a public health nurse, this RN to BSN class is a must-take. Here, you will learn about establishing partnerships within the healthcare system and providing tailored, therapeutic care to demographics and populations at the local, national, and international level. At Goodwin College, this course requires 45 clinical hours.
  5. Healthcare Policy and Advocacy – Not only is patient advocacy a core part of your role as a nurse, but political advocacy is, as well. This course examines the basic principles of political, social, and economic policies within healthcare, and how those impact nursing practice. Goodwin’s BSN professors will provide you with a basic understanding of government influence, policy-making organizations, healthcare finance, and issues in global and population health, as well as their incorporation into the nurse’s daily practice. You will also explore the skills of effective political advocacy, activism, and empowerment. All these will contribute to a greater understanding of how the greater healthcare system works.
  6. Nurse Leadership – If you desire to evolve your role as a nurse, into a more supervisory or managerial role, coursework in nurse leadership will be essential to your success. In Goodwin’s RN to BSN program, there are two leadership courses required of students: Clinical Nursing Leadership and a Seminar in Professional Nursing Leadership. These courses will help you become a change agent in the ever-changing healthcare field, and lead other aspiring nursing staff to provide effective, ethical, top-quality patient care.

Which Format of RN to BSN Classes Should You Pursue?

As an RN, you deserve classes that work with your schedule, rather than having a schedule that you have to work around. That is why the best RN to BSN programs will prioritize flexibility. At Goodwin College, RN to BSN classes can be completed part-time in just a matter of 16 months. Even more, the program is available fully online to students in SARA states, so that you can finish your BSN degree at your own time and pace. For local students, some BSN courses can be completed in a hybrid, online and on-campus format.

Continuing Your Education with RN to BSN Classes

The beauty of the nursing field is that it involves a lifetime of learning – from your ADN to your BSN, and beyond. This is because healthcare is always evolving. New treatments are constantly being developed, new research being released, and new technologies being put forth everyday in the medical field. As a nurse, you must remain attuned and responsive to these types of changes in the healthcare environment, as well as to any new conditions or patients in need of help. RN to BSN courses can put you on a path for continued learning, and will help you establish lasting connections within the healthcare field.

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