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Pursue Your Master’s in Nursing (Online!)

Throughout the United States, the job outlook for registered nurses is projected to grow 15% by 2026. That is positive news not just for aspiring RNs, but also for nurses at all levels of the healthcare field. As the number of professional nurses rises, so will the need for people to manage and oversee them. Therefore, nurse managers can also look forward to increased demand over the next several years – in fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 20 percent growth in available jobs.

Nurse managers play a vital role in directing nursing staff and departments, helping to boost efficiency in the healthcare setting and ensuring the highest quality of patient care. In order to secure this important job title, certain steps are recommended (and required) of aspiring RNs.

To advance into a nurse manager position today, experience and education are key. Experience working as an RN in the field, coupled with an advanced degree in nursing to bolster your skillset – such as a Master’s in Nursing Management or a leadership-focused MSN degree.

For already-working nurses, however, going back to school is a whole other commitment that often feels unattainable with busy work schedules. Fortunately, there are now excellent Master’s in Nursing online programs that make it more convenient than ever to earn an MSN and achieve a management position in the field. Goodwin College’s MSN degree is no exception, and is specifically designed for the dedicated, hard-working nurses who truly want to make an impact in people’s lives. Here’s what makes Goodwin’s online MSN program different:

The curriculum at Goodwin supports career goals and has positive career outcomes.

When deciding whether or not to pursue an advanced nursing degree, one of the top things to consider is if the program is going to best equip you for development within the field. Goodwin’s MSN curriculum not only prepares nurses for advancement within the field, but also provides them with specific skills, knowledge, resources and perspectives that will make them stand out and exceed as a nurse manager.

Each Master’s in Nursing course at Goodwin is strategically designed to elevate a nurse’s knowledge base to become an effective leader in the field, both on the clinical and administrative side. Our online MSN curriculum starts with courses that specifically touch on the foundations of leadership in the field. One of the first courses in the program, “Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice and Leadership,” covers keys skills and strategies that a nurse manager must possess – including critical decision-making, communication, team building and collaboration. These skills are all needed to effectively manage and support a group of nurses, to ensure their optimal performance and happiness across a variety of healthcare environments.

Among others, Goodwin’s leadership-focused MSN curriculum also covers:

  • Policy, Politics, and Organization of Healthcare
  • Healthcare Quality: Communication and Informatics
  • Leadership Practices in Organizational Communications

Beyond the foundational courses that Goodwin’s Master’s in Nursing program requires, these other core courses are designed to help nurse managers respond and adapt to different scenarios that many nurse managers face including:

  • Responding to changing policies and laws both locally and globally,
  • Dealing with diverse health populations and settings, and
  • Helping to integrate new practices and technologies among the nursing staff

Nurse managers are the liaisons between nurses and administration, and Goodwin’s courses thoroughly prepare them to make sound personnel, budgetary and quality of care decisions and communicate effectively with both sides.

Goodwin offers a flexible and a convenient path for aspiring nurse managers.

Goodwin’s Master’s in Nursing online program provides flexibility for nurses looking to grow their careers, while still working and attending to life’s other demands. The MSN program can be completed fully online in less than two years part-time. This means that showing up to class doesn’t have to involve a stressful commute. But rather, gives working nurses the flexibility to complete assignments at times and locations that are convenient with their individual schedules.

For those who are used to a traditional class structure and interactions, you’ll be happy to know that you can still feel connected to your instructors and classmates at Goodwin with their integrated online learning tools. Goodwin’s course technology allows students to have interactive online communication with instructors and encourages discussion and open dialogue about class material amongst classmates.

Goodwin’s Master’s in Nursing offers not only the flexibility needed in today’s busy world, but more importantly the sound education and training that is necessary to succeed in a nurse management position. For more information about Goodwin’s MSN program and how to enroll, call  800-889-3282 today.