Reasons to Pursue an Online Healthcare Degree

Healthcare touches the lives of nearly every individual in the United States, as there is a constant need for medical, emotional, and physical care. On a daily basis, there are babies being born in hospitals, children getting sick or breaking bones, adults filling prescriptions or seeking treatments, and elders moving into residential care. More than likely, you too have been affected by healthcare in some way.

That may even be why you are here. You, like thousands of other aspiring professionals, have felt a deep connection to the medical and healthcare field — So much that you feel it is your calling to become a larger part of it. You have a passion for helping others, a great interest in medicine, and enjoy the fast-paced, unpredictable nature of the field. At this time, you feel especially ready to dive in.

The thing is, you want to dive in quick. You are ready to get into the workforce and start making a difference in people’s lives. Maybe you are already working in the field, and now looking to advance your position with a college degree. So, you are considering an online healthcare degree program.

Online healthcare degrees offer an efficient and convenient path towards a medical career. And with technology having such a strong role in higher education today, online healthcare classes are not uncommon to find. At Goodwin College, we offer a range of online courses within our many healthcare majors — including online coursework in nursing, dental hygiene, medical assisting, and more.

There are many reasons you should consider pursuing an online healthcare degree, especially one that’s curriculum can be blended with clinical and classroom experiences. As a leading healthcare school in Connecticut, Goodwin truly believes that flexibility and practical training are key to student success. That is why so many of our healthcare degrees are offered in a hybrid format — so that students can have the flexibility of studying online while still receiving hands-on learning in their dedicated majors.

The benefits of a hybrid classroom and online healthcare degree are clear. But if you are still deciding which type of degree program is right for you, consider the following:

  1. Hybrid online healthcare degrees are flexible, allowing you to work full-time while earning an education. Online programs are convenient in that, unlike traditional campuses, students are not limited by their location or time restraints. If you choose to take online healthcare classes, you can stay where you are (wherever you are), without disrupting the other happenings in your life. For example, you will not have to leave your shifts early to make it to class. In fact, many students will choose online degree programs so that they never have to miss a day of work.

At Goodwin, we’re all about flexibility and convenience, and can help you build a class schedule that meets your needs. Here, due to our flexible formats, most students can work full-time or part-time while completing their degrees.

  1. You can complete your healthcare degree faster in a blended, online format. Generally speaking, online healthcare degrees can be obtained more quickly than their traditional classroom counterparts.

Because we strive for convenience, many of Goodwin’s healthcare degrees can also be completed at an accelerated pace — online and in-person. Students have the potential to earn a bachelor’s degree, for example, in as little as three years if taking classes full-time. We also offer three academic sessions per year for faster degree completion.

  1. Online courses allow you to create your own learning environment and work at your own pace/agenda. Pursing an online healthcare degree allows you the opportunity to create a learning environment that works for you, rather than an environment you must learn to work with. At home and online, you also have some flexibility in terms of the times you begin your coursework. If you are a night owl, you can set aside the evening hours for your online courses. If you prefer to study in the morning hours, you will also have that option. When taking online healthcare courses, you can find and develop your ideal, balanced learning environment.
  2. In a hybrid, online healthcare program, you will have resources right at your fingertips, with the option to also meet with your professors in person. One of the greatest perks of an online healthcare degree is that you will always have a library of resources right at your fingertips. The Internet is full of studies, reports, and other information that will be useful in your healthcare program. And, though you may not expect it, you will also have teaching aids available online as well. Online healthcare programs typically have resources readily available for students – whether via email, online chats, or video conferences.

The beauty of a hybrid program (online and on-campus) is that you will also have face-to-face time with your instructors, in addition to your online studies. This allows you to ask questions, get clear answers, and gain hands-on training in a practical learning setting.

Online Healthcare Courses Available at Goodwin College

Goodwin College in Connecticut offers a variety of online healthcare degree programs — some fully online and others in hybrid formats (a combination of on-campus and online learning). Here are some examples of the healthcare courses and degrees offered online:

  • RN-to-BSN Degree (fully online)
  • Master’s in Nursing (fully online)
  • Medical Assisting (classes offered on-campus, online, and in hybrid format)
  • Medical Billing & Coding (classes available on-campus and online)
  • Health Science (classes available online, on-campus, or in hybrid format)
  • Dental Hygiene (semesters include on-campus, online, and hybrid formats)
  • Optician Classes (available in hybrid formats)
  • Histology Classes (available in hybrid formats)

A blend of on-campus and online coursework can give you the best of both worlds while completing your healthcare degree. And with healthcare careers well on-the-rise (over two million jobs expected to open in the next several years!), there is no doubt that now is the time to begin. Call Goodwin College at 800-889-3282 or visit to learn more.