Goodwin College’s Mock Crime Scenes: Learning Through Experience

As part of Goodwin College’s Criminal Justice courses, students participate in a mock crime scene to learn firsthand what it’s like to be a forensic investigator.

Criminal Justice is a highly specialized field, and its members must have the right training from the right criminal justice school to get the job done and uphold a high level of public trust. Earning a degree in criminal justice is a great way to prepare for a career in a demanding, high-reward field protecting your community.

We’ve previous talked about some fascinating criminal justice courses that Goodwin students can take, as well as the myriad criminal justice internship opportunities available for students to get real world experience. But Goodwin also offers its students a chance to gain valuable real-world experience right in the classroom with a “mock crime scene.”

Goodwin’s Criminal Justice training program hosts a mock crime scene each year. Matt McNally, Adjunct Instructor for Goodwin College’s Forensic Science class, spearheads this event with his students. Students get to partake in a mock crime scene, playing the roles of investigators, crime scene victims and perpetrators.

Students posing as investigators walk through examining their surroundings, observing the victims and identifying cause of death. Students also gladly play the victims and perpetrators, complicating the investigation for the investigators to simulate real-world crime scenes. These willing students get in costume and are embellished with makeup to appear bloody and bruised.

At the end of the crime scene students identify the sequence of events and through their findings, must determine who the perpetrator(s) is and why the crime took place. This event is a great opportunity for students to learn firsthand what takes place at a crime scene and to be able to use techniques that forensic investigators employ.

A criminal justice degree from Goodwin College will provide you the opportunity to experience and learn about all aspects of the Criminal Justice system. You will develop the critical thinking skills necessary for modern law enforcement, security, emergency response, and investigative professions. Through exposure to contemporary policing issues, historical development, and the future of Criminal Justice, you will be well-prepared for a successful career.

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