Pathways to a Career in Medical Office Management

In today’s job market, those looking to pursue a career in medical office management—a rewarding, well-paying, and in-demand profession—need experience and on-the-job training. But as the demands on the medical office manager have increased with more complex care, compliance, and patient demand, job seekers need an extra edge to set them apart.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those looking to join the medical office management field should pursue a degree to show employers that they have the skills needed to succeed. Here are two bachelor’s degree programs that could help you thrive as a medical office manager.

Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science

Goodwin’s Health Science degree program embraces those with different backgrounds and interests and will help you achieve your educational goals through four different tracks: Environmental Health, Health Care Administration, Bachelor’s Degree Completion, and Health Care Career Exploration.

Environmental Health will grant you an understanding of the impact of environmental conditions on human health. Through Health Care Administration you will acquire knowledge of the business challenges specific to the health care delivery system, and you will gain an appreciation of the manager’s role. The Bachelor Degree Completion track allows the creation of career paths and advancement opportunities if you already possess a certification, licensure, or registry through a professional organization but lack a collegiate degree. And the Health Care Career Exploration track will allow you to explore various careers and aspects of health care. This track is appropriate if you have not yet decided on a specific profession but are interested in pursuing a career in health care.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Our bachelor’s degree in Business Administration provides you with the business competencies that employers look for in their workforce. Our program of study integrates analysis of theory, case studies, and research allowing you the ability to apply these to practical situations in the field. You will also learn business law and ethics, human resource management, management, customer relations in a multicultural world, and targeted marketing and social media.

Our Office Management option will grant you the skills you need to stay in demand in area businesses. To maintain a competitive edge in today’s global marketplace, many companies must function as high performance organizations. As a result, companies are upgrading the skills required to perform entry-level administrative and supervisory responsibilities. This unique program, with a dual focus in business management and computer applications, is based on job qualifications identified by local area employers.

The program provides you with an advanced level of skills in using Microsoft Office, planning and organizing, working as part of a team, communicating across cultures, and coordinating operational tasks. The program emphasizes the development of problem solving, decision making and project management skills. Once you graduate from this program, you will be qualified to work in companies across all industry sectors.

Medical Office Management as a Medical Assisting Course

Of course, there’s nothing like real world applications to teach you how to succeed in a medical office. Our extensive Medical Assistant program includes a Medical Office Management simulation course where you will be able to successfully manage a mock medical practice. You’ll have the opportunity to complete all aspects of the billing process from registration to filing of the insurance claim. Medical office procedures, including scheduling appointments, accounting, mail processing, and confidentiality regulations are also covered.

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