Applying for Manufacturing Jobs? 3 Must-Know Resume Builders

Are you thinking about breaking into the manufacturing career field? If you’re looking for an important, in-demand job then manufacturing might be the right path for you! Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing your manufacturing resume!

Tailor Your Resume to the Job

There are many types of manufacturing careers you can pursue, with a wide spectrum of diverse job responsibilities. Make sure your resume reflects the skills that the specific position will require.

Applying for a CNC Machining position? Make sure to emphasize your advanced skills in Mastercam, creating technical drawings, and any experience you have on CNC milling and turning machines. Applying for a Quality Management position? Highlight your history of quality inspection techniques, calibration, and statistical process control.

Be specific! A resume filled with generalized, unpracticed, or unproven skills is more likely to be overlooked by recruiters. In the absence of prior work experience, highlight the specifics of your education:  the courses, equipment, and hands-on experiences you gained at a manufacturing and machining school like Goodwin College.

Showcase Your Certifications and Experience

Recruiters are looking to hire people they know can do the job, whether they’re experienced or looking to be trained. Showing off any certifications and accreditation you have earned, as well as any higher level degrees, will let employers know you have what it takes.

Remember to mention the level of education you have earned related to your field, whether it be at the certificate level, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor degree. Any professional licenses or certifications related to the field that you hold. The more specific, the better!

Apply, Apply, Apply!

Don’t be afraid of rejection. The manufacturing job for you is out there! With 17.6 million manufacturing jobs in the United States–and as many as 500,000 manufacturing jobs unfilled due to lack of qualified workers–the market is looking for individuals with the skills and credentials that come from a manufacturing degree.