Is a Magnet School Right for Your Child? The Advantages of Magnet School

Choosing the right elementary school is an important decision that will shape your child’s educational experience both now and in the future. That’s why, it is so important to do your research and weigh out all the options before making a decision. One of those options is the magnet school path. Magnet schools offer a variety of benefits for your child and your family. You might be curious about the magnet school pros and cons, so we have laid out the top five advantages of a magnet school education.

1. Individualized Education

First and foremost, when looking at magnet schools, you want to ensure your child will receive the proper attention in the classroom. This is a major advantage of magnet schools. Most magnet schools pride themselves on being able to give each child the attention they deserve. At Riverside Magnet School in East Hartford, for example, each classroom has a low student-to-adult ratio, allowing enough one-on-one time for each student. Depending on the grade level, there are between 18 and 21 students per class. The staff is comprised of fully-certified teachers and supplemented by highly-trained classroom paraprofessional and curriculum specialists, all there to support each individual child.

2. Hand-on Curriculum

Many magnet schools are known and praised for their unique learning models. Riverside Magnet School is a Reggio Emilia school, which is an educational model of learning that aims to cultivate a lifelong passion for learning and exploration within children. The Reggio philosophy encourages children to take control of the direction of their own learning. Therefore, the curriculum is flexible and very hands-on – building upon children’s interests, ideas, thoughts, and observations all the while fostering literacy, numeracy, social, and physical skills.

3. Innovative Environment

The Reggio Emilia learning environment at Riverside Magnet School encourages students to immerse themselves in their education by providing them with an innovative classroom environment. Riverside’s state-of-the-art facility is filled with the technology, resources, and materials designed to enable exploration and growth – Classrooms are equipped with accessible computers and smart boards for learning, as well as art supplies, natural materials from the outdoors, music, costumes, and more.

4. Diversity

When examining magnet school advantages, one important attribute to keep in mind is diversity. A diverse student body encourages respect, empathy, and collaboration in the classroom and beyond. Riverside Magnet School is an inter-district magnet school that attracts students from many different districts in Connecticut.

5. Parental Involvement Encouraged

Being involved with your child’s education goes far beyond choosing the right educational environment. Once you have made the decision to attend a magnet school such as Riverside Magnet School, you will want to be kept up-to-date, in touch, and involved with your child’s learning. At Riverside Magnet School, families are recognized as children’s first teachers, and we encourage parents to be active and engaged in their children’s learning process. The Riverside Community Council (RCC), a newly formed parent and teacher organization, meets on a regular basis and serves as a forum for families, teachers, staff and administrators to come together to share ideas that will help support learning and sustain a vivacious and positive school community.

At the end of the day, there are many great educational options available for your child, including magnet schools. If you are still curious about the benefits of magnet schools, please join us for a parent information session at Riverside Magnet School. Here you will learn more about the opportunities that you child can receive at RMS. Sign up today!