Lincoln LeFebvre: “Goodwin made me a better manager and a better person”

Lincoln LeFebvre has been working at Home Depot for nearly a decade. After taking courses at another college but not completing his degree — and being passed up twice for managerial position promotions — he decided to enroll in Goodwin College’s Management and Leadership program.

“I wanted to take the next step. I had all these credits and wanted to finish what I started,” LeFebvre stated. The transfer process was an easy one for him. “My advisors went out of their way to make sure I received the maximum amount of transfer credits and walked me through every step.”

Home Depot started out as “just a job” for LeFebvre, but that changed as he learned more about the values of the company and realized the potential to move up in the organization.

Although LeFebvre began as a part time sales associate for Home Depot, with his degree now in hand he is overseeing nine stores as the district operations manager. By August 2015, he will be overseeing all 115 New England stores as the new territory operations manager.

LeFebvre attributed his ability to relate to and better manage people to his Goodwin instructors. “The professors here are personable and authentic and have lived the experience.”

LeFebvre came to Goodwin with experience in retail, but knew he needed more to excel. “These classes pertained directly to what I wanted to do, but at the same time I wasn’t being pigeonholed,” LeFebvre commented. “Management and Leadership can be applied very broadly and can be used anywhere in the business world.”

LeFebvre believes you can get out of Goodwin whatever you want: “My degree from Goodwin wasn’t just a piece of paper to bring to an interview. Goodwin made me a better manager and a better person. Because of Goodwin I’ve been able to move forward with my career.”