Goodwin College Can Train Incumbent Manufacturers’ Workers Quickly

With advances in technology and growing demand for highly skilled workers, it’s more important than ever that companies ensure that employee training is provided.

Goodwin College’s Manufacturing Training skills development workshops help manufacturers maintain their competitive edge while increasing their companies’ productivity and quality of work. Goodwin works directly with employers to address their current workplace needs through expedited, skill-based workshop training in Goodwin’s Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Training Lab, onsite at the manufacturer’s facility.

While many businesses want to advance current employees into other important manufacturing positions, the workers often need to develop relevant manufacturing skills first. Manufacturers, however, are busy and can’t afford to lose valuable employees to training for days, or even weeks, at a time.

That’s where Goodwin’s manufacturing training programs come in, with an impressive roster that includes many one-day, four-hour workshops. Employees complete the workshops with usable manufacturing skills, ready to apply them in their workplace. Goodwin can accommodate up to 12 employees in each workshop session.

“We want you to be able to walk out of there with the manufacturing skills you will need, and bring them directly to your job,” Dr. Al Pucino, Goodwin’s Director of Incumbent Worker Training, said.

Goodwin’s professional training workshops cover a variety of disciplines including quality assurance, technical skills, Logistics & Supply Chain, and lean manufacturing. And after an initial workshop, Goodwin also offers several follow-up workshops tailored directly to the needs of specific businesses.

At its state-of-the-art manufacturing school in East Hartford, Goodwin has the capacity to train dozens of workers. Or instructors are able to deliver on-site learning sessions directly to manufacturers in the Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Training Lab. This self-powered, climate-controlled, Wi-Fi-enabled lab offers Goodwin educational workshops at employers’ facilities in the convenience of a mobile classroom.

These incumbent worker training programs currently come at no cost to employers for participation. Goodwin expertly assists with the paperwork, guiding employers through the process of applying for funds under the CT Department of Labor’s Manufacturing Innovation Fund Incumbent Worker Training program. Goodwin scholarships then cover the remaining half of the program cost.

“These companies feel partnerships with us now,” Pucino said. “We’re training workers for the future of Connecticut manufacturing.”

For more information on session availability and booking the Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Training Lab for your facility, contact Dr. Albert Pucino at (860) 913-2089 or by email at