Human Services Student Wins Praise for Volunteer Work and Vision

By all reports, Goodwin College Human Services student Rachel Prior doesn’t wait for challenges to come her way — she goes out and finds them herself. Recently a class assignment to develop a sample advocacy plan led to her volunteering with Mental Health Connecticut, Inc. (MHC) in order to turn her ideas into reality. Seeing a need to increase public awareness in her town about mental health issues, Rachel envisioned a walk, similar to ones she had seen organized for other causes.

While her attempt for a 2016 Memorial Day Parade preliminary walk came up against inclement weather, Rachel plans to launch the project in May 2017.

The leaders of the organization were so impressed with her efforts, they featured Rachel in an article published in their online newsletter.

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Rachel’s fine work may open doors for volunteering for future students in Human Services Education. “Rachel is such a gem,” said MHC Director of Advocacy and Development Suzi Craig. “If you have any more like her, feel free to send them our way.”