The Top Takeaways from a Health Science Major

You don’t have to search too far to learn that skilled healthcare professionals are needed desperately in medical facilities across the nation. So much, in fact, they have quickly become some of the most in-demand workers today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is expected to add more jobs than any other group of occupations in the coming years, meaning that employers will need trained, medical professionals to fill them.

You may be here now because you want to get involved in the thriving healthcare field. However, your typical healthcare careers – becoming a doctor or dentist, pharmacist or technologist – may not appeal to you. You desire to stretch outside the box, and believe that a health science major will set you down the right path. As a leader in healthcare education in Connecticut, we’re also confident in this choice.

Health science is a growing sector of healthcare and an increasingly popular major among college students. This is largely because of the countless career options now available to graduates holding a health science degree. A health science major encompasses a great range of skills, specializations, and experiences that are not available in other dedicated majors. It covers a large array of disciplines relating to health care, science, mathematics, and technology, rather than narrowing in on one specific career path. At Goodwin College, our health science major gives students choice and the freedom to customize a course of study that meets their own, personal career goals.

This is just the beginning of the many advantages to pursuing a health science major. If you’re still debating whether health science is the right path for you, consider these top six takeaways from Goodwin’s health science degree programs in Connecticut:

  • A health science major offers varied coursework. Health sciences, in a way, are all-encompassing, teaching a variety of sub-disciplines that all involve the application of science to health. In a health science major, you may find courses in nutrition and human health, environmental law and public policy, epidemiology and public health, healthcare administration, or even alternative medicine. The programs at Goodwin College embrace students of all interests and backgrounds, giving you the opportunity to take the health science courses that best meet your educational and professional goals.
  • You also get hands-on, practical experience in health science. Goodwin College requires that students complete an in-field internship as part of their health science major core curriculum. This 150-hour internship is designed to give students hands-on experience at a health service organization in Connecticut, and encourages them to demonstrate competencies in a real-world, health science setting.
  • There are multiple degree options you can pursue in health science. Health science studies are available at every degree level, each preparing you to fulfill different roles in the industry. At Goodwin College, you can choose between an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. Our associate degree program is a great choice for those who already hold a license or certificate in a related field. Our bachelor’s degree program is an interdisciplinary major designed for those looking for advancement opportunities as well as for students just beginning their careers in healthcare.
  • The health science curriculum is flexible and designed to meet your needs. Goodwin’s health science curriculum is full of options for aspiring healthcare professionals, and can be completed in a variety of different ways. If you choose a health science major here, you will have the flexibility to plan a course of study that best fits your educational and professional needs. It will also fit your schedule. Our health science classes are offered on days, evenings, and weekends, as well as on-campus and online.
  • This major also gives you the opportunity to explore various careers in healthcare. A health science major is a great choice for students who know they want to work in healthcare, but need more time to explore their different career options. As part of Goodwin’s associate and bachelor degree programs, we offer a “Health Care Career Exploration” track for students who have not yet set eyes on a specific medical profession.
  • It also can be applied to range of occupations within the healthcare field. A health science major aims to educate and prepare students for a variety of employment opportunities, including: public health, medical insurance, hospital administration, home health care, scientific research, nutrition and diet, acupuncture and massage, environmental health, veterinary care, health education, and more. With a health science major, you’ll be readily prepared for your dream job in healthcare, whatever it may be.

With a health science major, you will be well-prepared to apply scientific learnings to clinical and practical settings in the healthcare industry. You will also be ready to help improve the health and well-being of others. The skills and knowledge gained in a health science degree program are universal, and combined with a growing and aging population, this career path is one of the greatest you can take.

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