Goodwin Professor to Teach ESL to Yard Goats

Goodwin College is excited to announce their collaboration with the Hartford Yard Goats as part of a cultural education program to help their players learn English as a second language!

As part of the college’s ongoing mission to provide transitional learning experiences for students, Goodwin Assistant Professor of English Phillip Fox will work with players who are not native English speakers to help them develop their English language skills.

“I am excited to be part of the collaboration between Goodwin College, the Colorado Rockies, and the Hartford Yardgoats,” Fox said. The Rockies are the major league parent team of the Hartford Yard Goats, and utilize a cultural education program with colleges and ESL programs to prepare their non-native English players for life in America.

Fox was first approached to work with the Yard Goats by Danielle Wilken, Goodwin’s Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty. Fox has worked as Assistant Professor of English at Goodwin for over four years, working extensively with developmental English and English as a second language students.

“I certainly look forward to teaching Yard Goats players, as well as learning from them,”
Fox said. “It’s truly an honor to work for Goodwin College as it spreads a positive mission to the local community.”

Fox, who also acts as Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach for the Goodwin Navigators, said that he is excited to foster relationships between the athletic organizations. Goodwin is not receiving monetary compensation for providing this service to the players.

“I can say that Goodwin Athletics is honored to make professional connections with the Yardgoats,”
Fox said, “and we look forward to productive relationships between our student athletes and their professional athletes.”