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Which MSN Classes are Essential for Success?

While there are many factors that make an advanced degree successful for students, the heart of any program is its curriculum. This especially holds true for Master’s in Nursing programs, as the curriculum provides students with the advanced healthcare knowledge needed to climb the career ladder.

MSN classes provide education in, and exposure to, many different and important nursing topics. Because there are many different career paths one can take with an MSN degree, the specific classes that students choose to take can and will differ based on their career goals. However, there are several MSN classes that can be considered essential for all nurses:

Leadership-specific MSN classes:

Nurses looking to advance their careers, and make a larger impact on a healthcare organization, may pursue an MSN degree that focuses on leadership. Certain MSN classes are designed to help students develop the leadership skills necessary to take on more responsibility within the field, such as training other nursing staff or running an entire department. If you encounter MSN classes specifically focused on nursing leadership, know they can take your career to the next level no matter what your aspirations are. Leadership skills are desired in every aspect and sector of healthcare.

As an example – Goodwin College’s MSN curriculum offers the class “Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice and Leadership.” This online course focuses on many important topics like critical decision-making, morality, social justice, self-awareness, and collaboration. These are all foundational leadership skills to have as a nurse leader, especially those who are managing and/or teaching others in the field.

Goodwin’s MSN students are also required to take a leadership communication course that explores and examines communication successes and failures, and the role of ethics in communication. MSN classes like these help prepare students to supervise others and promote a productive and safe healthcare environment.

Research-specific MSN classes:

Like any other field, research in nursing is essential for the advancement of patient care and information about disease patterns and risks. Therefore, MSN classes focused on nursing research are undoubtedly essential, for nurses to be able to contribute to improving the field.

Goodwin’s MSN program requires students to take a “Seminar in Nursing Research,” where students learn the skills to become more proficient in using research-based evidence for professional nursing practice. Research is essential in the healthcare field, and the more knowledge MSN programs can offer students about best research practices, the more prepared and successful students will be out in the field.

Policy and Structure MSN classes:

The world of healthcare is constantly evolving due to changing policies and politics. Therefore, a good Master’s in Nursing program will offer classes that enhance the knowledge of the political environment, and how it specifically affects the healthcare system.

“Policy, Politics, and Organization of Healthcare” is an MSN class offered as a part of Goodwin’s master’s program. This course provides students with knowledge about the policy development process, political engagement, and advocacy in the healthcare system. All of these are important topics for nurses to understand in order to facilitate change and help to positively impact the system.

Technology-specific MSN classes:

Arguably, technology has had one of the greatest impacts in healthcare than any other industry. From data management systems, to point of care technology, technology has positively transformed healthcare as we know it. Understanding the impact and uses of technology in our healthcare system, especially when it comes to communication, is essential in the nursing field.

Goodwin’s MSN class “Healthcare Quality: Communication and Informatics” explores the ways in which technology can help improve the quality of patient care and contribute to producing positive health outcomes across diverse population. Having a good grasp on the different uses of technology in the field is essential for nurses moving forward.

While this covers the key areas affecting modern nurses, there are many other MSN courses that one can pursue to achieve success in the field. If you are interested in learning more about Goodwin College’s MSN program, contact Goodwin today. Call 800-889-3282 or visit us online to request more information.