Why Earn Your Master’s in Nursing in Connecticut?

Connecticut is known not only as the Nutmeg State and the Constitution state, but also for its motto “He who Transplanted Sustains Us.” This means that by transplanting from one location to another something is able to continue growing and spreading. While the conception of this motto originally referred to agricultural practices, it can certainly now be applied to Connecticut’s people and cultures as well, specifically its educational institutions. This makes Connecticut a great place to continue growing and moving forward in your nursing career, by pursuing a Connecticut Master’s in Nursing (MSN) program.

In a constantly evolving field with an in-demand job market, there are many reasons to pursue a Master’s in Nursing program, specifically in Connecticut. Below are some of the many:

The job outlook is bright for nurses and nurse leaders in Connecticut:

Fortunately, there will always be a need for qualified and skilled nurses in our healthcare system. In fact, nationwide, the nursing job outlook is projected to grow 15 percent by 2026. Specifically in Connecticut, the number of nursing jobs is expected to grow faster than average, and by 2026, the employment of nurses in Connecticut will be over 37,000.

The compensation in Connecticut is competitive compared to other states:

The average RN salary in Connecticut is $76,000, which makes it 4th in the nation for the highest average salary. By pursuing a Connecticut Master’s in Nursing program, you can get where you want to be career-wise, but also compensation wise. The higher the education you receive, the better positioned you will be to earn close to (or even higher than) the state salary average. And, with an MSN degree, you can qualify for supervisory roles – such as a healthcare administrator or APRN – and earn upwards of $100k per year. Learn more about MSN salary potential here.

Connecticut’s location is perfect for ambitious nurses and nurse leaders:

Talk about a prime location! Connecticut is conveniently located in-between two major cities, New York and Boston, both of which have large healthcare networks and opportunities. Making it easy to attend educational conferences or learning opportunities in these larger cities. Connecticut is also in the heart of many big name medical and insurance companies who may have openings for candidates who hold an MSN degree. Therefore, earning a degree from a Connecticut Master’s in Nursing program could help with job prospects in the future.

The MSN program flexibility is ideal for busy, working nurses:

Connecticut Master’s in Nursing programs are offered throughout the entire state. Many of these CT MSN programs offer flexibility for students, as they know many of them are still working full-time and are juggling many life’s other priorities. Goodwin College, located in central Connecticut, has designed their MSN program to be fully online so students can complete coursework on their own schedule without the added stress of commuting to class.

Connecticut will provide you with the opportunities, access, and resources to help you advance in your nursing career and continue to grow, just like the CT motto states! For more information about Goodwin College’s Connecticut Master’s in Nursing program, call 800-889-3282 today.