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Connecticut River Academy Success Story

A Connecticut River Academy mom speaks about her son’s positive experience at the magnet school.

One area mother first heard about the Connecticut River Academy through a friend who was attending Goodwin College. “My son is very interested in the environment and marine biology, so it was a perfect fit since the school is focused on the environment and sustainability.”

CTRA’s smaller classrooms allow for a more comfortable, intimate learning experience that would be conducive to her son’s learning style.

“I was worried my son would get lost in the shuffle had he gone to public school,” she noted.

The school is located right on the Connecticut River, creating a perfect opportunity for students to learn about the local environment hands-on. CTRA also has a research vessel, the R/N Navigator, docked outside of the building, ready to take students out onto the water for lessons on ecology and water sources.

Her son agrees that he is enjoying and benefitting from the adaptable curriculum. “Everyone is advancing no matter what level each student is at individually,” he stated. “I’m never bored.” Since being at CTRA, he has obtained his boating license and has volunteered his efforts in cleaning up the river.

“It’s a great place for kids interested in the sciences,” she noted.