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Connecticut River Academy Success Story

A Connecticut River Academy father was very happy when his daughter was accepted into Goodwin College’s magnet high school, the Connecticut River Academy (CTRA), located just down the road from campus.

He was impressed with the school for many reasons. “I really liked CTRA’s program. The school is totally different from other magnet schools in Connecticut because it’s a part of Goodwin College,” he stated. “CTRA is preparing my daughter with all the necessary tools for a bright future,” he continued.

At CTRA, students have the opportunity to take up to 30 tuition-free, transferable college credits at Goodwin College during their junior and senior year of high school.

His daughter is now entering her junior year of high school. “It has been really easy to make friends,” she noted. “CTRA has given me the opportunity to meet people with different personalities, and everything we learn is preparing us for the future.”

He wanted his daughter to have all the tools necessary for college and beyond. “All schools try to help their students, but CTRA in particular has been very hands-on,” he stated. “They’ve really helped me raise her.”

He enjoys the one-on-one communication with his daughter’s teachers. “They walk you through everything,” he commented. “I’m even able to go online to check on how she’s doing in her classes.”

His daughter is able to utilize the afterschool program Bridge to Success, where she is given time for homework assignments and activities like team building. She attended the school’s summer program as well, where she completed community service, went on field trips, and got to know the incoming freshmen.

His daughter has four siblings, one of whom attends Goodwin’s Riverside Magnet School. “My little sister talks about school all the time,” she noted. “She loves it.”

His daughter hopes to be a professional athletic trainer one day and plans to go to college after she graduates from CTRA in 2017.

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