CTRA Success Story: “CTRA has an inclusive, creative environment and they understand this generation.”

A Hartford mother of four has watched one daughter graduate from the Connecticut River Academy (CTRA) and another daughter enter her freshmen year at the magnet high school. Her oldest daughter is now attending college out of state.

“My older daughter could not have graduated without the staff’s support,” she noted. “It was a perfect fit, and I knew my younger daughter would also be in good hands.”

While at CTRA, her older daughter completed 15 tuition-free courses at Goodwin College, fulfilling her English class requirements when she started her freshmen year at another college. “She was able to skip half a semester’s worth of classes,” she noted. “She knows how to get work done because of CTRA.”

She describes CTRA as an “anchor” for her family. “CTRA has an inclusive, creative environment, and they understand this generation.”

Her younger daughter feels comfortable learning in this type of environment. “I like that the school is very diverse and that I get to have new experiences,” her daughter noted.

Toniko is a strong advocate of education and believes every child has the potential for success. “The school gives its students the platform to succeed. I’m grateful Goodwin College took the initiative to develop CTRA.”

As a business owner, she has been contemplating enrolling at Goodwin College to advance her professional career.