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Why Connecticut is the Place to Go to Nursing School

Currently, there are more than 34,000 registered nurses (RNs) employed in the state of Connecticut. Each day, these compassionate professionals dedicate their time to helping others in need. But this is just the start. They also are empowering their patients, supporting families, and using their knowledge and skills to invigorate change in organizations. Because of this, says Goodwin’s Nursing Department Chair Janice Watts, nurses are also agents of change.

If you are considering a career in nursing, rest assured you are choosing an impactful and rewarding career. That’s the easy part, deciding to follow your passion and become a nurse. The hard part, however, is deciding where to start. As you step forward, it’s important to consider where your launching point will be – Not only which nursing school you will attend, but also which state you will become licensed in. If you are living in Connecticut and considering becoming a nurse, you are making an excellent choice. Here’s why.

  1. Connecticut is ranked among the best states for healthcare, period.

According to U.S. News, Connecticut is ranked the #3 for healthcare in the nation. The state boasts a high quality of care – including respected hospitals and nursing homes – and low mortality rates. If you choose to launch your nursing career in Connecticut, you can expect to be surrounded by other professionals who care about their patients and who will work hard to keep them in good hands.

In addition, Connecticut is also ranked the number-one state for health care access – meaning health services are more affordable and attainable than it is in other states. For nurses, this means more patients (and that’s a good thing!). The more patients you are helping, the greater impact you are making, and the greater reward you will reap as a result.

  1. Connecticut is home to some of the most prominent healthcare facilities in the United States.

Not only does Connecticut offer some of the best healthcare services in the nation, the state is also bounding with cutting-edge clinical facilities. Yale New Haven Hospital, for example, is ranked on U.S. News’ list of best hospitals in the country for 2019-2020.

Connecticut is also well-known for its senior care. It is recognized for strong Medicare quality, and also high nursing home quality. Some of the best nursing homes in the state (where you can work!) include McLean Health Center, Jefferson House, Manchester Manor and Hughes Health and Rehabilitation, all of which are within thirty minutes of Goodwin College’s nursing school.

Working hard at nursing school, earning your degree, and becoming licensed in Connecticut, will make you eligible to work at any of these credible institutions.

  1. Connecticut is among the top-paying states for registered nurses.

There is no denying that nursing is a rewarding field of work. After all, you will spend your days helping people in need, and making a true difference in families’ lives. As personally rewarding as this career path is, however, rest assured it is also financially fulfilling. Especially in Connecticut.

Registered nurses employed in the state of Connecticut, on average, earn $78,270 annually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is above the national average salary for RNs. And it’s just the start. Hard-working Connecticut nurses can earn even more – RNs in the 90th percentile, for example, make over $100k per year.

  1. The job opportunities are numerous across the state.

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, and nursing is one of the largest sectors within it. As a result, nurses can expect great job availability and advancement opportunities, no matter where they go.

If you are a licensed nurse in Connecticut, or considering a nursing career in CT, rest assured that employment of nurses is growing here. The Connecticut Department of Labor describes registered nurses as some of the most in-demand professionals, with employment growing at a rate of 9%. By 2026, there will be over 37,542 registered nurses employed in the state.

To become a registered nurse in Connecticut, you must earn a nursing degree from an accredited institution and pass the NCLEX-RN board exam. From there, you will become eligible to work in a variety of nursing settings. You can read all about the different specializations you can pursue with an associate or bachelor’s nursing degree here.

Become a Connecticut RN

Are you ready to launch your career as a nurse? Will Connecticut be the place you start on your path, in nursing school? If you wish to become an RN in the Nutmeg state, now is the time to start. Nursing careers are on the rise, and skilled Connecticut nurses are in demand. Simply start with a great education.

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